2013 Week 30: Our wedding will be imperfect and awesome.

La De Blog - LCB & LAK @ Indie Wed
LCB & Me @ Indie Wed

Lots of bike riding! Going to Upton’s Breakroom for the first time on the second day it was open! Started addressing wedding invitations. Quesadilla! Had a flurry of Etsy orders. Rani’s bachelorette dinner! Sold @ Jeff Fest. Indie Wed with LCB!

On Sunday morning, I felt depression creeping in. Z and I dropped off a donation at Brown Elephant and then I dropped Z off at the Music Box. On the way home I called about 7 friends to try to make brunch plans before I went to Indie Wed. I had a false hope for brunch fall through and then I came to the realization I would have to be alone with my thoughts, so I went to Janik’s to get a sandwich. The first thing I consider a negative experience happened there after years upon years of going happened just before I ordered. I don’t know if it was just what I was putting out in the world, but that made me come to a realization. Our wedding will not be perfect and I have to accept that. I felt like Charlie Brown walking back from Janik’s, but I came back and pressed play on Animal Allies and waited for LCB to pick me up for Indie Wed.

A thing I was always CERTAIN that would happen at my wedding is not happening and a few other things that I had banked on happening may not be happening. Additionally, we realized that we had not accounted for tablecloth rental in our budget that we are trying to strictly adhere to. Tablecloth rental is ridiculously expensive, like $12 – $19 apiece and we’ll need a total of 20 at the very least, so the rental would be somewhere around $300 – $500, which is just something we cannot/will not do. If I can round enough of them up, we are going to use vintage King-size sheets. I have friends and one amazingly thrift-savvy coworker looking for me. I’m going to Kane County Flea Market next weekend to look for tablecloths and platters to use for the cookie table. I know that our wedding will be awesome regardless of whether or not a beloved musician buddy plays or not; whether we have matching tablecloths or not, etc. Our wedding will be awesome not because of these things, but because of our love and our awesome friends and family sharing that day with us.

Films watched 30th week of the year:

Katy Perry: Part of Me *
The Holy Man ** [ India ]

* documentary
** foreign language

I know that friends of mine judge me for enjoying Katy Perry’s music, but I truly have no shame enjoying the music I like; be it an indie dude with a guitar playing to a tiny crowd or someone playing to thousands upon thousands. This documentary further cemented my enjoyment of Katy Perry, not just as a singer/songwriter, but as a human being. Sure, I think the rise to fame probably changed her somewhat, but that (very slow) rise seemed to ground her as a human being and A LOT of her employees are old friends and I respect that a lot. The day after I watched this documentary, this post went up on Hatesong on the A/V Club and I still laughed, but I still admire the heck out of her and enjoy Firework myself.