Felt Mistletoe by Lupin

I have admired the work of Laura Howard (aka Lupin) for some time over the internet. She’s one of those sellers that is always featured on the front page of Etsy in treasuries because she’s widely admired in the craft world. And why shouldn’t she be? Her stuff is inventive and cute. Fake beards and mustaches for an instant disguise, beautiful flower pins, zines. She makes it all. The felt mistletoe she makes is my favorite. It’s much more charming than the real thing and will last forever. Plus, you can hold it above you to get kisses aplenty.

Felt Mistletoe by Lupin

I’m loopy for Lupin:

Twiggy Mod Art Ornament by Tiger Bee

After searching Etsy for a ceramic Christmas tree and coming up with nothing, I decided to do a search on mod ornaments for whatever reason. This one came up. What a cool way to recycle those clear plastic cd-shaped pieces that come with a pack of cd-rs or dvd-rs. What a great looking ornament. Patricia Rodriguez also makes custom boxes. Many of the ones in her sold gallery are super mod. Go Tiger Bee!

Twiggy Mod Art Ornament by Tiger Bee

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Here Comes the Rain Wall Mobiles by Little Green Frog

I’ve had this particular wall mobile by Little Green Frog as a favorite on Etsy for awhile now. Actually, I’m really surprised that no one has bought it yet. It’s one of those things I’d have to figure out a place to showcase it, though I have very little wall space left to hang it up. These are just pretty things to brighten up any dreary wall. I love hearing rain through the chimney and I love looking at these ingenious little wall hangings by Vancouver’s Little Green Frog.

Here Comes the Rain Wall Mobiles by Little Green Frog

It’s not easy being green

Favorite Vintage Floral Tote by A Minor Thread

I’ll state right now that Charlie is one of my favorite people in the world and a good friend. She runs A Minor Thread out of her 1 BR apartment in her spare time.  Now that I’ve disclosed that information, the purse that she gave me is my take everywhere with me purse.  I talked about it in the Banjoflannel post a couple entries back.  It fits a couple books, magazines, pens, business cards, a camera…everything you can think of.  The reason I am posting about this particular purse is because it’s made with the vintage flower fabric that the applique on my purse was made with.  So, if you want to be purse pals with me, now is the time.  I can vouch that her totes hold up after time since I’ve carried my tote nearly every day since August of 2006. I’m still getting compliments on it left and right.

Favorite Vintage Floral Tote by A Minor Thread

A Needle Pulling (A Minor) Thread

Limited Edition Print (Story Time) by apak

It breaks my heart when artwork gets stolen. Susie Ghahremani (Boy Girl Party) had a bunch of her mini paintings stolen at a Giant Robot show last year. When I read in the description of the Story Time print that this original painting was stolen, it ticked me off. Darn you robbers of art. If I had the loot and had the painting not been stolen, I would have tried to buy the original from Portland’s very own Apak. I will settle for a print if anyone wants to get me one for Christmas. Apak has plenty of prints that whet my whistle, but this one is my favorite right before the card they made of neon pandas clinking frosty beer mugs together. That one is currently sold out, but hopefully for you they will repress that gem.

Limited Edition Print (Story Time) by Apak Cheers Greeting Card by Apak

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Finnish Animals Tote Bag by AndyOnlyEatsCandy

There is a song I really love by Push Kings called ‘Girl Who Only Loves Candy’.  Well, this seller is all the way from Finland and all he eats is candy, candy.  Well, let’s hope he has a good dentist.  He certainly makes some cavity inducingly sweet items.  I had his shop as a favorite for some time, but this is a new item featuring animals from Finland including a hedgehog.  The craft world has some cute hedgehogs, but this may be the cutest one I have ever seen.  Our hedgehog, Hoggle, is still cuter though.  However, if you are looking for something to buy me, I will accept said totebag happily.

AndyOnlyEatsCandy01 AndyOnlyEatsCandy02

Finance a Finlandian:

Variations on Purple Theme bag by Banjoflannel

Most anyone who knows me has probably noticed that I am not a bag lady.  99% of the time, I alternate between carrying two bags even though I have two brightly colored purses by Matt & Nat that I save for special occasions.  One is a grey flannel tote with a flowery applique made by my pal Charlie (A Minor Thread) and the other is a dowdy camera bag for when I want my camera with me.  I figured it was time to get another purse and when I saw this style by Diana of Banjoflannel, I fell…hard.  There are elegant touches like the piping matching the lining, the sexy silver buttons, and the soft pleats on the front of the bag.  I contacted Diana about a custom bag and she has been wonderful with communication and making sure I get exactly what I want.  Unparalleled awesomeness.

Banjoflannel 01 Banjoflannel 02

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