Limited Edition Print (Story Time) by apak

It breaks my heart when artwork gets stolen. Susie Ghahremani (Boy Girl Party) had a bunch of her mini paintings stolen at a Giant Robot show last year. When I read in the description of the Story Time print that this original painting was stolen, it ticked me off. Darn you robbers of art. If I had the loot and had the painting not been stolen, I would have tried to buy the original from Portland’s very own Apak. I will settle for a print if anyone wants to get me one for Christmas. Apak has plenty of prints that whet my whistle, but this one is my favorite right before the card they made of neon pandas clinking frosty beer mugs together. That one is currently sold out, but hopefully for you they will repress that gem.

Limited Edition Print (Story Time) by Apak Cheers Greeting Card by Apak

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