Finnish Animals Tote Bag by AndyOnlyEatsCandy

There is a song I really love by Push Kings called ‘Girl Who Only Loves Candy’.  Well, this seller is all the way from Finland and all he eats is candy, candy.  Well, let’s hope he has a good dentist.  He certainly makes some cavity inducingly sweet items.  I had his shop as a favorite for some time, but this is a new item featuring animals from Finland including a hedgehog.  The craft world has some cute hedgehogs, but this may be the cutest one I have ever seen.  Our hedgehog, Hoggle, is still cuter though.  However, if you are looking for something to buy me, I will accept said totebag happily.

AndyOnlyEatsCandy01 AndyOnlyEatsCandy02

Finance a Finlandian: