2012 Week 52: “There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes.”

La De Blog - BooHaus Holiday

Photo by our dear friend Kirstie Shanley. Happy holidays from the BooHaus Family. Katniss not pictured because Tilda would have tried to eat her.

This week:
Christmas at the Hansen’s was great. We had the big dinner Christmas Eve and then had Christmas breakfast at 9:00am. Z and I headed home from Cleveland early because a giant snowstorm was heading straight for it, so we got back to Chicago Christmas night. Since we had already requested the PTO off, Z and I ran a whole bunch of errands. I went to the post office to mail some LAK lacquer I had sold [funny enough, it went to an acquaintance whose future mother-in-law had purchased it for her]. I set up my new phone at T-Mobile. Exchanged a purchase at Kohl’s. Grocery shopping at Jewel. I picked out my new glasses [Shuron NuLady in Crystal Brown] from Labrabbit. They weren’t the vintage frames I went all swoony for last week, but they are very me and will look nice. Went to Kimmi’s bday party Saturday. Today we took down the Christmas tree and decorations, slightly rearranged the living room, and did some general clean-up.

Also this week, I started watching The Walking Dead. I watched Seasons 1 and 2 and I am fully into it. Z watched the first five episodes with me and gave up because he said it reminded him too much of LOST. The further I got, the more I agree with his statement. It is a lot like LOST, which is probably why I am enjoying it so much. Funny though, because I have never been a huge fan of zombie movies, books, games, etc. Kind of like how I enjoyed Friday Night Lights but avidly hate baseball (& most sports). I enjoy watching the relationships, but every time there is a walker attack, I can barely watch.

End of year post/2012 resolution wrap/2013 resolution list coming on Tuesday.

Films watched 52nd week of the year:

Les Miserables (2012)
Pink Ribbons, Inc. *


Les Mis was freaking outstanding. I thought the cast was stellar. I loved the set design and costumes. I’ve had the songs stuck in my head and I can’t stop singing them. Zachary has been less than stoked. 🙂

2012 Week 51: “We can hardly stand the wait. Please Christmas, don’t be late.”

Zachary and me at the Christmas Story House in Cleveland.

This week: Eye doctor. Sweet Home Chicago exhibit @ Harold Washington Library. Christkindlmarket. Tried on glasses at Labrabbit and fell in love with a pair of vintage frames, but Z doesn’t like them. Mailed my Friends of Leigh Gift Exchange package and Letters to Santa gifts. Hideout Holiday Sale. Dinner with Juli, Dan, Eliza, Mike, and Z @ Bite. Service Call in Munster, Indiana with day job’s National Sales Director. Got my chipped (from grinding) front teeth repaired. Packed. Work Christmas party. Drove to the Cleve. We were nervous about the weather, but there was no snow until about 20 miles from Z’s family house. Slept. Went to West Side Market. Ate at Market Garden with Z’s parents. Went to Christmas Story House. Ate at CROP Bistro with Z’s family. Went to MELT with Kate and Brian. Tilda has been really good. We are so proud of her. We have had quite a year with that little dog.

Can’t believe there is only a week and a day left in the year. It boggles the mind.

Films watched 51st week of the year:

The Woman in Black
The Mechanic
Premium Rush
The Queen of Versailles*


Good week for movies. Premium Rush ruled. Definitely one of the most enjoyable films of the year.

2012 Week 50: Be an Elf, baby.

Gifts for Peyton; one of the two kids we picked from the USPS Letters to Santa/Be an Elf. Isn’t that dress the best thing ever!? I love doing this more than any other holiday things and next year, you should think about it as well. Special thanks to Megan for going crazy at H&M and buying such darling clothes for Peyton and Amanda for all the books! I heart my friends!

This was a very productive week. Did mega errands and got rid of a lot of stuff. Went to two work-related holiday parties; ICNC’s at Garfield Park Conservatory and Z’s at LuxBar. Saw HellCab at Profiles Theatre. It was SO fantastic. Went to three most excellent holiday parties Saturday night. Had a lovely potluck brunch party where friends brought in gifts or helped wrap for the Be an Elf letters we had picked. I made the buffalo chicken dip again and a veggie version by sauteeing two boxes of tofu, which was a big hit as well! I also made these Martha Stewart blueberry scones for Beth’s bday.

Films watched 50th week of the year:

Still Crazy


2012 Week 49: Bazaar Bizarre CLE or Bust

Ornaments on our tree by SteffBomb and Chet and Dot.

Pre-weekend things: Ms. Mint’s Holiday Bazaar at Goose Island Clybourn was flipping amazing. Bought so many awesome gifts for others and a few for myself. Cookie Party.

Weekend: Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland. Had a great time getting to know more about my friend Beth on the road trip. Stayed with Kate & Brian. Saw Z’s mom and aunt. Saw Marikka. Ate at MELT!

Made friends with my awesome booth neighbors:

Wishbone Letterpress: thrilling letterpress. One of the cutest and craftiest couples ever.

Forest City Portage: utilitarian but stylish bags and accessories made from sails and other upcycled materials. Also, Michael recognized me and we couldn’t figure out why until I realized he worked at Melt (Lakewood location) and I’m guessing he recognized me from being a regular even though I live in Chicago. 🙂

I Heart Skeletons: Day of the Dead inspired art and jewelry.

Bumbly’s: Sweet soap for your skin. I traded for ginger lime!

Not a neighbor, but amazing stencil artist whose subject matter is Pez dispensers onto broken skateboards –> Richard Cihlar. Also happened to trade mead and ginger wine that he made for a RWT shirt for his daughter! 🙂

Films watched 49th week of the year:

I’m Still Here
Love Actually [need to finish it next week]


2012 Week 48: I would do anything for love, but I won’t do crafts…

Firstly, I should note here that I have the best boo. This week: made Downton Abbey themed goods [notebooks and cards] which are now (or will be soon) in the shop, though I need to make more Dowager Countess moleskine notebooks because they SOLD OUT. Bought a Christmas tree, but still haven’t decorated it. Fried foods party. Dinner at Bite.

I did my second to last craft fair of 2012 this year: Renegade Craft Fair Chicago Holiday and it was amazing. Jack (Ethically Engineered) is a great boothmate. Had an incredible time hanging out with THE BEST BOOTH NEIGHBORS: Circa Ceramics, Wonder Wheel, and Steff Bomb. Also did some excellent trades for my gift exchange buddy. An A+ excellent fair with super awesome customers.

Saturday night I had a sore throat and I thought I had kicked it with cayenne pepper/sea salt gargling, but at the end of the day Sunday, it is back with a vengeance. I have a super busy week at work and then I’m off to my last craft fair of the season, BAZAAR BIZARRE CLEVELAND. FB Event Link. So tired. Must sleep. Think I will be carving a block of Bates as my next Downton character. Have had a few requests for Thomas though, but we’ll see. For now…sleep.

Also should mention that there is an article in the Chicago Tribune about the sameness in crafting. I am quoted in it, but it doesn’t note that the girl who copied me said she was “inspired by” my work and then blatantly stole the greeting from my original card and then asked if we could set up a profit share because the card had been so profitable for her, which I declined because it was completely ridiculous. Just wanted to set the record straight!

Films watched 48th week of the year:

We Were Here*
Doctor Detroit
The Comedy
Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon*
Storefront Hitchcock*


Watched a couple fun movies this week. Makes up for the shite that was The Comedy. I went into it with zero expectations, but left feeling so icky. I do realize that was the point, but why make a movie like that when it is not even enjoyable like American Psycho?