Free Halloween Coloring Book Printable Coloring Boo(k) 2017

Many people have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Placing a teal pumpkin outside signals you have non-food items to hand out on Halloween. The Food Allergy Research & Education’s (FARE) Teal Pumpkin Project inspired me to compile this coloring book to be printed and handed out for free. Great for trick-or-treaters or for a favor at a Halloween party!

For further information about Teal Pumpkin Project:

Coloring Boo 2017 Download:

Full-Size PDF
(8 pages, double-sided)

Half-Size PDF
(2 pages, double-sided)

Quarter-Size PDF
(4 pages, double-sided)

Thank you so much to my artist pals! Support them by buying their art. All artists retain complete copyright over their work.

Coloring Boo 2017 Contributing Artists:
Anna Gaukel
Britton Walters (nerfect)
Claudia Aguilar (partly claudia crafts)
Donovan Beeson (Letters Writers Alliance)
Eling Chang (Migration Goods)
Evan Koehne
Kelly Tucker (on Society6)
Laurie Freivogel (kiku handmade)
Leigh Kelsey (Rhymes with Twee)
Marissa Falco (thimblewinder)
Mike Sherry
Mikey Anderson (Yarnies! by Mikey)
Missy Kulik (sugar cookie)
Susie Ghahremani (boygirlparty)
Tony Recktenwald
Zack Hansen

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Hope you enjoy!

(Rhymes with Twee)