Wooden Earrings by R Blade

Another one of my favorites from THE PACK LADY: Rummage & Craft Spectacular is R Blade Designs. Raiza hand carves these unique pieces and it’s amazing how much personality they have. They look even better in real life. She even hand made her display for her jewelry out of wood. I already know one person I am placing a special Christmas present order with R. Blade for. I bet you do too!

Wooden Earrings by R. Blade Wooden Earrings by R. Blade

Wood is good:

Fabric Coasters and Hand Dyed & Spun Yarn by Bykes

Us ladies from Ladyfest Chicago 2007 had been preparing for months for this past weekend. October 18th – 21st was the culmination of our efforts. My major contribution to Ladyfest Chicago 2007 was organizing the craft fair portion. I called it THE PACK LADY: Rummage & Craft Spectacular. Not only handmade items but records, clothing, and vintage goods were allowed to be sold. There was so much awesome present, but not a whole lot of customers made their way down to the AV-aerie Saturday. The turnout could have been better. We got a lot of press and nods on blogs, but the turnout could have been better. I think a lot of vendors made new friends and had a good time though. I know that I did.

I genuinely loved every vendor, but one of the standouts was Sunni of Bykes. She has such an eye for putting colors together. Not only does piece fabric together for quilted coasters and purses, but she hand dyes and spins her own yarn. It makes me wish I could actually knit or crochet.
Hand Dyed and Spun Yarn by Bykes Fabric Coasters by Bykes

Go fly a kite or ride a byke:

Ghostees by Axelhoney

I love tiny things. I am fascinated by itty bitty foods. I love using the macro feature on my camera so I can see the minute details of the world. I love the miniature sculptures that Melissa Axelhoney makes. I just had to get one of these ghostees when I saw all of them lined up in a ghostly row. A couple years back a friend gave me a cat moshee, which is displayed on the shelves above Hoggle’s cage. Now that moshee will be joined by both a ghostee and a whale by Axelhoney. So sweet but still kind of sad. I love that stuff.

Ghostees by Axelhoney

Get your boo on:

Crafty Bastards Wrap Up & Onesies

Well, I had a fantastic time at Crafty Bastards in DC last weekend. It was the most I’ve made at a fair so far. It’s really great seeing my stuff go into the hands of really nice people.  Everything I make is stuff that I really like, so it’s kind of funny to see what the general populace likes.  After taking SO MUCH time making those “sew rockin” band cards, I did not sell a one at CB.  There were some bigger indie bands in there too, so I am at a loss.  I think they may sell better online, but that will be a huge undertaking to photograph each one since I made over 100 different ones.

Something I have noticed that sells a lot at craft fairs is onesies and with a good friend being preggers, I jumped on the bandwagon.  I made onesies with these previous designs but no words: artichoke, mixtape, and the boo ghost.  Hoggle approves:

Good work, Mom!