Crafty Bastards Wrap Up & Onesies

Well, I had a fantastic time at Crafty Bastards in DC last weekend. It was the most I’ve made at a fair so far. It’s really great seeing my stuff go into the hands of really nice people.  Everything I make is stuff that I really like, so it’s kind of funny to see what the general populace likes.  After taking SO MUCH time making those “sew rockin” band cards, I did not sell a one at CB.  There were some bigger indie bands in there too, so I am at a loss.  I think they may sell better online, but that will be a huge undertaking to photograph each one since I made over 100 different ones.

Something I have noticed that sells a lot at craft fairs is onesies and with a good friend being preggers, I jumped on the bandwagon.  I made onesies with these previous designs but no words: artichoke, mixtape, and the boo ghost.  Hoggle approves:

Good work, Mom!

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