one of the new products!

These new cards I’ve been working on are made with old band photos taken before I went digital. Most of the photos had some slight imperfection (the back of a head in a shot, not a great action shot, etc.), but they look great sewn onto a card. I’m still thinking of a good name for them, but as for now I’m calling them band photograph cards, because I’m not feeling clever right now. I’m rather feeling like a zombie, having made 78 of these babies. I had an entire under the bed storage box filled with (mostly) band photos I’d taken. I really like combining photographs with bits of fabric or rick rack. This is one of the most enjoyable crafts I’ve done thus far. I also made a rather cool pillow, but I haven’t stuffed it yet. I’m just gearing up for Crafty Bastards! Reba Rar Rar Press and I leave on Thursday morning for DC. Wednesday night is The Lucksmiths at Schuba’s. Things feel like they’re on the up and up.

rhymes with twee band photograph cards!

Left to right: Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), Hayden, and Eric Axelson (Dismemberment Plan)

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  1. Leigh! This is a cute idea. Kasey Kasem used to have the songs of dedication segment on the Weekly Top 40. It would be good to know that people were writing really warm messages inside the cards and dedicating them to someone they love.

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