2012 Week 30: Nailed it!

It was a banner week. I’m taking some nice big forward steps. Lookee:

  • Had a Tilda training session
  • Was an extra in my friend Joe’s new movie Drinking Buddies
  • Signed up for a P.O. Box
  • Went to Erin’s Lady Party for Ladies (see result of nail painting above)
  • Took Juli & Dan to a going away dinner at Bite
  • Saw a few songs by The Drums @ Wicker Park Fest, but had to leave because the crowd was so gross
  • Went to Tim’s bday party
  • Joined Wicker Park Athletic Club
  • Films watched 30th week of the year:

    Greater Southbridge*
    Donkey Punch
    American Swing*
    The Princess of Nebraska
    Two Lovers
    Just an American Boy*
    The Secret World of Arriety


    2012 Week 29: “Try to make sense, but it always comes out absurd.”

    Choosing a wedding appropriate outfit.

    This week:

  • Went out to pizza with Chris Begeny, Eliza, Mike, Alvar, and Z.
  • Saw my friends Jessica and Mike get married in PGH.
  • Got the acceptance email into DIY Trunk Show!
  • Ate a stupid amount of delicious food in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.
  • In Berea on Friday morning, while Z was readying himself for the day, I checked Twitter. Everyone was abuzz about something that happened in Aurora, CO, but no one had posted links, so I started googling. I lay in bed reading for the better part of an hour. I could not pull my eyes away from my phone. It felt like the day that I found out that Jeff had killed himself. It is impossible to make sense of such tragedy. I feel such grief for those who were there that night and their loved ones. Having recently watched ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’, I find myself thinking about how his family is able to deal with this. Second guessing everything they did while raising him. Wondering if somehow it is their fault. Looking at his younger photos and reading what type of a person he was, he seems like a few dudes I have been friends with. I can’t help but wonder what clicked the button inside of him to do this. Chilling. I saw The Dark Knight Rises Friday night in Middleburg Heights, OH. The theatre was 3/4 empty on opening night. What happened in Aurora could have happened anywhere. It could happen any day. We can’t let things like this dictate our lives. This is why it is important to hug those you love often. Friends, if I haven’t told you lately that I love you, I do.

    >>>>> ROAD TRIP MUSIC <<<<<

      Chicago –> Berea

    The Pipettes – We Are the Pipettes
    God Help the Girl – s/t
    Bjork – Post
    Fever Ray – s/t
    Mirah – you think it’s like this but really it’s like this
    Black Tambourine – Complete Recordings
    Love is All – Nine Times That Same Song

      Berea –> Pittsburgh

    Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane over the Sea
    Sparklehorse – Vivadixiesubmarinetramsmissionplot
    Super Furry Animals – Guerilla

      Pittsburgh –> Berea

    Weezer – s/t (blue album)
    The Clash – London Calling

      Berea –> Chicago

    The Thermals – Fuckin’ A
    Comp. – Numero Group 001 – Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label
    Comp. – Numero Group 003 – Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label
    Vivian Girls – All the Time
    Monks – Early Years 1964-65
    Gold Bears – Are You Falling In Love?
    Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

    Films watched 29th week of the year:

    Titicut Follies*
    The Dark Knight Rises


    2012 Week 28: Busi-leigh we roll along.

    Rhymes with Twee – Katniss Hearts Cupcakes Postcard

    This week:

  • Went to Kentucky for work Mon. – Wed.
  • Fired a gun for the first time. It was a rifle and I am an excellent shot.
  • Ate at Claudia Sanders Dinner House, cheated and ate fried chicken because I was in KY at Colonel Sanders’ wife’s restaurant. It was pretty good, but not worth it.
  • Ate at the second Urban Vegan location that just opened on Fullerton & Ashland. It rules.
  • Went to a great annual party hosted by nickd and bday girl erin.
  • Have not been working out because it’s been so crazy, but somehow again I am down to my lowest weight again. Am considering joining a gym.
  • Most importantly, I finally have two new Rhymes with Twee postcards. They feature my African Pygmy Hedgehog Katniss with cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s. They are up in the Rhymes with Twee shop now! See above photo. Heading out to see Thee Oh Sees at the Bottle now. It is the only Pitchfork related thing I did this time around. It was bizarre not to be selling at Pitchfork for the first time in years. Hopefully I will get in next year. I missed seeing all my buddies at Coterie and seeing customers there!

    Films watched 28th week of the year:

    Water for Elephants
    Smash His Camera*


    2012 Week 27: “in love. independence day. two clenched fists in the air, chanting “U-S-A!””

    Jason Anderson @ Den Theatre

    What a week, even with the holiday in the middle:

  • Super busy week at work
  • Saw my buddy Jason Anderson and Steven Gilpin play the Den Theatre (see above) – seeing Jason is always just what I needed
  • Did my first Katniss photoshoot and the postcards that resulted will be for sale in the shop as soon as they arrive – Katniss + Cupcakes = adorable
  • Finally ate at Bullhead Cantina – so delicious and they were playing the Superchunk channel on Pandora
  • Saw Black Lips at West Fest
  • Tilda had an appointment with a behaviorist and was issued Reconcile (doggy prozac)
  • On the 4th, I made up my mind that I would eat poultry once a month and I ordered southern fried chicken tacos from Bullhead on GrubHub. It came and I popped a little piece of chicken into my mouth as Z delivered an ill-timed joke. I started sobbing uncontrollably because I know that I want to go fully vegetarian, but I am battling my human cravings. The tiny bite of chicken I had was not even good to me. I ended up not eating the two chicken tacos and had Z eat them. Then we watched Vegucated. It was the best movie I’ve watched about vegetarianism/veganism. It was lighthearted, but provided lots of great information in a palatable manner. Definitely a good one to watch if you are considering going vegetarian/vegan. I know I’ll have setbacks, but I’ll get there.

    I am going to Kentucky for a work trip tomorrow through Wednesday. I am thrilled to be seeing in person what my team does every day. I packed a bunch of energy bars just in case because I am really not sure if I’ll be able to find enough veggie stuff for me. Psyched for the experience though and to see a few members of my team again!

    Films watched 27th week of the year:

    Take Shelter
    We Need to Talk About Kevin
    Gone with the Wind
    The End of August
    Ellie’s Head

    Lots of great movies this week! Saw our friend Tim’s movie The End of August at Logan Theater and ran into Veronica from Gaudi in the Lounge. Turns out her husband Paul was the star of the movie. What a small, weird, and wonderful world we live in.

    2012 Week 26: When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go – to Downton.

    Tofu Chimichurri

    This week mostly revolved around eating. I started making protein shakes with vegan Life’s Basics (Pea, Hemp, Rice, Chia Seed) protein powder. I felt way more energy than I usually do in the mornings the 4 days I did it. I cooked tofu chimichurri. Somehow I clicked on something that let me know that Still Flyin’ were playing on Friday night at the Burlington and I Miss Alison went with me. I had been feeling so blah and it was one of those nights that was so desperately needed. They RULED. It was so weird and great to see two of my favorite band dudes, Mark from the Lucksmiths and Phil from Maserati, on stage next to each other. Mind explosion! Also, I got to experience Mark’s first Malort shot. Priceless! I went to see Ham Siobam @ Cordinated and it’s probably the last time they’ll play together in ages since Juli and Dan are moving to San Fran. I got to try two newish places: Phil’s Last Stand and Bullhead Cantina. The veggie dog at Phil’s is pretty darn good. The tacos at Bullhead were really creative, cheap, and best of all – TASTY! This week, I also am nearly caught up with my Flickr uploading: see here.

    I’ve been vegetarian for almost 3 weeks now and I will admit that I have almost caved a few times, but I have not given in. That’s part of why I bought the protein powder because my body was screaming out for chicken, I’m guessing because I need that protein. Happy news is that I am still losing weight even though this week I did not work out or ride my bike once. I have been taking long walks, but it’s just so hot I don’t want to sweat both while I’m outside and inside. I abhor sweating.

    On Saturday, I was feeling lousy so I laid on the couch and finished Downton Abbey: Season 2 and then I talked to my parents for a total of an hour about that show. I can’t stop thinking about it. It is such a wonderful show. If you have yet to watch it, give it a whirl. I am still trying to figure out a card design in ode to Downtown. We’ll see! I just looked a few weeks ago and I swear all this was not up there then: THIS, THIS, and THIS.

    Also of importance: next week on Friday, we are taking Tilda in to see a behaviorist, Dr. Ballentyne, at Furnetic. Tilda had been so good, but this week she ended up biting my hand when I reached in to pull a napkin out of her crate that she was eating. My guard was down and it didn’t even cross my mind that I was reaching into her safe place. We have to get to the root of what is making her aggressive and see if we can nip it in the bud. Fingers crossed.

    Films watched 26th week of the year:

    A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
    Life During Wartime
    The Devil’s Double