2012 Week 27: “in love. independence day. two clenched fists in the air, chanting “U-S-A!””

Jason Anderson @ Den Theatre

What a week, even with the holiday in the middle:

  • Super busy week at work
  • Saw my buddy Jason Anderson and Steven Gilpin play the Den Theatre (see above) – seeing Jason is always just what I needed
  • Did my first Katniss photoshoot and the postcards that resulted will be for sale in the shop as soon as they arrive – Katniss + Cupcakes = adorable
  • Finally ate at Bullhead Cantina – so delicious and they were playing the Superchunk channel on Pandora
  • Saw Black Lips at West Fest
  • Tilda had an appointment with a behaviorist and was issued Reconcile (doggy prozac)
  • On the 4th, I made up my mind that I would eat poultry once a month and I ordered southern fried chicken tacos from Bullhead on GrubHub. It came and I popped a little piece of chicken into my mouth as Z delivered an ill-timed joke. I started sobbing uncontrollably because I know that I want to go fully vegetarian, but I am battling my human cravings. The tiny bite of chicken I had was not even good to me. I ended up not eating the two chicken tacos and had Z eat them. Then we watched Vegucated. It was the best movie I’ve watched about vegetarianism/veganism. It was lighthearted, but provided lots of great information in a palatable manner. Definitely a good one to watch if you are considering going vegetarian/vegan. I know I’ll have setbacks, but I’ll get there.

    I am going to Kentucky for a work trip tomorrow through Wednesday. I am thrilled to be seeing in person what my team does every day. I packed a bunch of energy bars just in case because I am really not sure if I’ll be able to find enough veggie stuff for me. Psyched for the experience though and to see a few members of my team again!

    Films watched 27th week of the year:

    Take Shelter
    We Need to Talk About Kevin
    Gone with the Wind
    The End of August
    Ellie’s Head

    Lots of great movies this week! Saw our friend Tim’s movie The End of August at Logan Theater and ran into Veronica from Gaudi in the Lounge. Turns out her husband Paul was the star of the movie. What a small, weird, and wonderful world we live in.