2012 Week 30: Nailed it!

It was a banner week. I’m taking some nice big forward steps. Lookee:

  • Had a Tilda training session
  • Was an extra in my friend Joe’s new movie Drinking Buddies
  • Signed up for a P.O. Box
  • Went to Erin’s Lady Party for Ladies (see result of nail painting above)
  • Took Juli & Dan to a going away dinner at Bite
  • Saw a few songs by The Drums @ Wicker Park Fest, but had to leave because the crowd was so gross
  • Went to Tim’s bday party
  • Joined Wicker Park Athletic Club
  • Films watched 30th week of the year:

    Greater Southbridge*
    Donkey Punch
    American Swing*
    The Princess of Nebraska
    Two Lovers
    Just an American Boy*
    The Secret World of Arriety