2012 Week 34: “a rainy day and she might come down for awhile and watch the raindrops fall.”

I have been ticking off more things on my crafty To Do list. Now it’s all about making a few more items and packaging them. This is the most prepared I have felt for a Renegade in years! I went to an Etsy Craft Party on Friday night at Chicago Weaving School and caught up with some crafty pals I hadn’t seen in awhile. Very fun event and it got me thinking about taking a weaving class at the space. Really neat and I had no idea that Chicago had a weaving school before the event was announced. This week I also caught up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in awhile; grabbing drinks at Scofflaw, going to dinner at Handlebar, and going to the last Panic for at least awhile while they figure stuff out. So sad to say goodbye to an era. I really missed dancing, so it was a treat! On Sunday, I went to a wedding event in Rosemont called Windy City Wedding. It was mostly a bust, but I did see a photobooth vendor I liked. Then Annie and I went to IKEA and Sushi Station. A successful suburb trip if there ever were one.

Before heading to the ‘burbs, I made a new polish, pictured with Katniss above. I am calling it ‘Favorite Beatnik Star’ after a song on ‘Alaska Days’ by Poole. This is my favorite polish yet! Poole were one of my favorite local bands and the were the first band I interviewed. I did the interview and photo shoot with them at the playground of my elementary for my zine ‘cixelysd ton era ew’ that I made in high school with my friend LeeAnne. Only made one issue of that zine, but it was a fun one. That album’s grooves are deeply etched into my heart, so I am happy to name a polish in ode to Poole!

Films watched 34th week of the year:

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Two in the Wave*
The Debt
Labor Day, East Chicago* [short doc by Tom Palazzolo]
I Married a Munchkin* [short doc by Tom Palazzolo]
Down Clark Street* [short doc by Tom Palazzolo]

The Debt and I Married a Munchkin were my two faves this week. We’ve been watching a lot of Community as well. Also, I have been trying to get Z hooked on Downton Abbey, but it not sucking him in. This is saddening to me. Same thing happened with Lost. Sad face.

2012 Week 33: The Master of Making.

I crafted more in the past two weeks than I have in 2012 up through August. This may be a true statement. I made two new greeting cards and heat set the tea towels I printed last week at Art Factory. I made a ton of grab bags of awesome because it is a good way to get rid of slight misprints, things that have been sitting around awhile, or things I made way too many of. Each grab bag of awesome contains at least 3 cards and assorted other fun things. Will totally be a bargain for $4.

On Friday night LCB made amazing enchiladas and we made a nail polish. Yes, that is the secret thing that I have been holding under my hat. I am developing a line that I will be selling under the name LAK lacquer as a subset of Rhymes with Twee. It is an incredible amount of fun, dudes. About as fun as FAZZ was in the 80’s, which is really funny because that is the last time I remember being this excited about make-up. Who else remembers FAZZ?

Saturday I got to see my friend Beth for the first time since she returned from her long Italy trip. We took a lovely stroll around the neighborhood and popped into all kinds of shops. Sunday was all about clean-up and packaging. Tilda even got a bath. I am feeling accomplished, but I always feel like there is more I could have when Sunday comes to a close. That’s why I will likely get up early tomorrow to do something crafty related as well. One of these days Z and I will get around to doing some kind of wedding planning.

Films watched 33rd week of the year:

Dark Knight Rises [again]
The Change-Up
Harlan County USA*
The Master
Rid of Me
Creative Nonfiction
Belfast, Maine*


The Change-Up was the worst. Wow. How do movies like that get made? Let’s leave that subject. I went in almost totally blind and The Master was still a letdown, but that’s okay. You can’t always make winners, P.T. Faves this week were Belfast, Maine [all 4.5 hours of it] and Rid of Me. Rid of Me is streaming on Netflix and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Also, I did not mention here on the La De Blog that Shut Up, Little Man was one of the best docs I have seen in ages. Totally worth your time.

2012 Week 32: Life is short…cake.

I made this shortcake because Stanley’s had an insane sale on strawberries. It was a success.

I also made a whole heck of a lot of stuff crafty-wise prepping for Renegade and went to the gym three times. Monday, I took a Turbo Kick class with a teacher who I could not believe was a real human being. She barely broke a sweat in the almost hour-long class that she did all the “advanced” moves throughout! Also of note: went to Alison & Ian’s vegan pizza and ice cream party, went to Lao Sze Chuan for Sei Jin’s birthday.

Probably the most awesome thing this week: Z and I went to see HARRY & THE POTTERS with POTTER PUPPET PALS. This was such an amazing show! If they come to your town and you love the HP books and rocking out, you really owe it to yourself to see them.

I also have something pretty neat that I will be doing that I am not going to address on the blog until it’s final, but the supplies for this project arrive tomorrow. Basically, PSYCHED.

Films watched 32nd week of the year:

Shut Up Little Man!*
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Pirahna (1978)


2012 Week 31: Twee-dle dee the fat away?

My first big craft fair of the year (WEIRD, right?); Renegade Craft Fair Chicago, is in approximately a month. I got off my rump and remade my popular veggie vampire tea towels. The above picture shows 225 of them that I made today; 75 Artie the Artichoke, 75 garlic, and 75 carrots. A new veggie vampire is joining the tea towel gang; hopefully this week!

I went to the gym Monday, Thursday, and Saturday this week. I’m starting to feel it in my body in my arms and legs, but so far no weight loss. I took a class called Body Blast and I had trouble walking and sitting down for two days. This next week, I am going to try at least one more class. I really need to load up my ipod, which was still new in box after the last one I had broke and Apple gave me another one. I borrowed Z’s on Saturday and rowed to Black Lips – Arabia Mountain and ran on the elliptical to The Knife – Silent Shout. What seems like one million years ago, I made an awesome workout mix: Finger Point the Fat Away: Indie Exercise Volume I. Seems like I need a Volume II about now. 🙂 What are some of your favorite bands/songs to exercise to?

On Wednesday, I went to Grand Luxx with my awesome work friend Gretchen and Z. I can’t believe I hadn’t been there yet. It is a chain, but a good one. The fried pickles and red velvet cake were divine! Also, I cheated and ate duck triangles and I do not regret it. I feel like I have to give into my cravings once in awhile, otherwise I will just totally give up. Saturday night, we took pizza to Kirstie & Jason’s for his birthday and we watched some Mighty Boosh before we started falling asleep and Z and I headed home. Nice weekend. Got some good stuff done. There is always more to do though!

Films watched 31st week of the year:

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (2011)
Reel Injun*