2012 Week 33: The Master of Making.

I crafted more in the past two weeks than I have in 2012 up through August. This may be a true statement. I made two new greeting cards and heat set the tea towels I printed last week at Art Factory. I made a ton of grab bags of awesome because it is a good way to get rid of slight misprints, things that have been sitting around awhile, or things I made way too many of. Each grab bag of awesome contains at least 3 cards and assorted other fun things. Will totally be a bargain for $4.

On Friday night LCB made amazing enchiladas and we made a nail polish. Yes, that is the secret thing that I have been holding under my hat. I am developing a line that I will be selling under the name LAK lacquer as a subset of Rhymes with Twee. It is an incredible amount of fun, dudes. About as fun as FAZZ was in the 80’s, which is really funny because that is the last time I remember being this excited about make-up. Who else remembers FAZZ?

Saturday I got to see my friend Beth for the first time since she returned from her long Italy trip. We took a lovely stroll around the neighborhood and popped into all kinds of shops. Sunday was all about clean-up and packaging. Tilda even got a bath. I am feeling accomplished, but I always feel like there is more I could have when Sunday comes to a close. That’s why I will likely get up early tomorrow to do something crafty related as well. One of these days Z and I will get around to doing some kind of wedding planning.

Films watched 33rd week of the year:

Dark Knight Rises [again]
The Change-Up
Harlan County USA*
The Master
Rid of Me
Creative Nonfiction
Belfast, Maine*


The Change-Up was the worst. Wow. How do movies like that get made? Let’s leave that subject. I went in almost totally blind and The Master was still a letdown, but that’s okay. You can’t always make winners, P.T. Faves this week were Belfast, Maine [all 4.5 hours of it] and Rid of Me. Rid of Me is streaming on Netflix and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Also, I did not mention here on the La De Blog that Shut Up, Little Man was one of the best docs I have seen in ages. Totally worth your time.

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