2012 Week 34: “a rainy day and she might come down for awhile and watch the raindrops fall.”

I have been ticking off more things on my crafty To Do list. Now it’s all about making a few more items and packaging them. This is the most prepared I have felt for a Renegade in years! I went to an Etsy Craft Party on Friday night at Chicago Weaving School and caught up with some crafty pals I hadn’t seen in awhile. Very fun event and it got me thinking about taking a weaving class at the space. Really neat and I had no idea that Chicago had a weaving school before the event was announced. This week I also caught up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in awhile; grabbing drinks at Scofflaw, going to dinner at Handlebar, and going to the last Panic for at least awhile while they figure stuff out. So sad to say goodbye to an era. I really missed dancing, so it was a treat! On Sunday, I went to a wedding event in Rosemont called Windy City Wedding. It was mostly a bust, but I did see a photobooth vendor I liked. Then Annie and I went to IKEA and Sushi Station. A successful suburb trip if there ever were one.

Before heading to the ‘burbs, I made a new polish, pictured with Katniss above. I am calling it ‘Favorite Beatnik Star’ after a song on ‘Alaska Days’ by Poole. This is my favorite polish yet! Poole were one of my favorite local bands and the were the first band I interviewed. I did the interview and photo shoot with them at the playground of my elementary for my zine ‘cixelysd ton era ew’ that I made in high school with my friend LeeAnne. Only made one issue of that zine, but it was a fun one. That album’s grooves are deeply etched into my heart, so I am happy to name a polish in ode to Poole!

Films watched 34th week of the year:

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Two in the Wave*
The Debt
Labor Day, East Chicago* [short doc by Tom Palazzolo]
I Married a Munchkin* [short doc by Tom Palazzolo]
Down Clark Street* [short doc by Tom Palazzolo]

The Debt and I Married a Munchkin were my two faves this week. We’ve been watching a lot of Community as well. Also, I have been trying to get Z hooked on Downton Abbey, but it not sucking him in. This is saddening to me. Same thing happened with Lost. Sad face.

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