2012 Week 31: Twee-dle dee the fat away?

My first big craft fair of the year (WEIRD, right?); Renegade Craft Fair Chicago, is in approximately a month. I got off my rump and remade my popular veggie vampire tea towels. The above picture shows 225 of them that I made today; 75 Artie the Artichoke, 75 garlic, and 75 carrots. A new veggie vampire is joining the tea towel gang; hopefully this week!

I went to the gym Monday, Thursday, and Saturday this week. I’m starting to feel it in my body in my arms and legs, but so far no weight loss. I took a class called Body Blast and I had trouble walking and sitting down for two days. This next week, I am going to try at least one more class. I really need to load up my ipod, which was still new in box after the last one I had broke and Apple gave me another one. I borrowed Z’s on Saturday and rowed to Black Lips – Arabia Mountain and ran on the elliptical to The Knife – Silent Shout. What seems like one million years ago, I made an awesome workout mix: Finger Point the Fat Away: Indie Exercise Volume I. Seems like I need a Volume II about now. 🙂 What are some of your favorite bands/songs to exercise to?

On Wednesday, I went to Grand Luxx with my awesome work friend Gretchen and Z. I can’t believe I hadn’t been there yet. It is a chain, but a good one. The fried pickles and red velvet cake were divine! Also, I cheated and ate duck triangles and I do not regret it. I feel like I have to give into my cravings once in awhile, otherwise I will just totally give up. Saturday night, we took pizza to Kirstie & Jason’s for his birthday and we watched some Mighty Boosh before we started falling asleep and Z and I headed home. Nice weekend. Got some good stuff done. There is always more to do though!

Films watched 31st week of the year:

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (2011)
Reel Injun*