2012 Week 51: “We can hardly stand the wait. Please Christmas, don’t be late.”

Zachary and me at the Christmas Story House in Cleveland.

This week: Eye doctor. Sweet Home Chicago exhibit @ Harold Washington Library. Christkindlmarket. Tried on glasses at Labrabbit and fell in love with a pair of vintage frames, but Z doesn’t like them. Mailed my Friends of Leigh Gift Exchange package and Letters to Santa gifts. Hideout Holiday Sale. Dinner with Juli, Dan, Eliza, Mike, and Z @ Bite. Service Call in Munster, Indiana with day job’s National Sales Director. Got my chipped (from grinding) front teeth repaired. Packed. Work Christmas party. Drove to the Cleve. We were nervous about the weather, but there was no snow until about 20 miles from Z’s family house. Slept. Went to West Side Market. Ate at Market Garden with Z’s parents. Went to Christmas Story House. Ate at CROP Bistro with Z’s family. Went to MELT with Kate and Brian. Tilda has been really good. We are so proud of her. We have had quite a year with that little dog.

Can’t believe there is only a week and a day left in the year. It boggles the mind.

Films watched 51st week of the year:

The Woman in Black
The Mechanic
Premium Rush
The Queen of Versailles*


Good week for movies. Premium Rush ruled. Definitely one of the most enjoyable films of the year.

2 thoughts on “2012 Week 51: “We can hardly stand the wait. Please Christmas, don’t be late.”

  1. I am dying to go to The Christmas Story House! It’s just one of those things that keeps getting put off. West Side Market is my favorite Cleveland place. We just went there last week for lunch (we only live about 20 miles away now)!

  2. oh my god! kevin and i watched queen of versailles last weekend, it was hilarious! so frightening people and their materialistic craziness. especially when she went to walmart and went completely crazy and then it shows them coming into their house and the garage is already full of piles and piles of crap. just insanity!

    merry christmas lady!

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