2012 Week 49: Bazaar Bizarre CLE or Bust

Ornaments on our tree by SteffBomb and Chet and Dot.

Pre-weekend things: Ms. Mint’s Holiday Bazaar at Goose Island Clybourn was flipping amazing. Bought so many awesome gifts for others and a few for myself. Cookie Party.

Weekend: Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland. Had a great time getting to know more about my friend Beth on the road trip. Stayed with Kate & Brian. Saw Z’s mom and aunt. Saw Marikka. Ate at MELT!

Made friends with my awesome booth neighbors:

Wishbone Letterpress: thrilling letterpress. One of the cutest and craftiest couples ever.

Forest City Portage: utilitarian but stylish bags and accessories made from sails and other upcycled materials. Also, Michael recognized me and we couldn’t figure out why until I realized he worked at Melt (Lakewood location) and I’m guessing he recognized me from being a regular even though I live in Chicago. 🙂

I Heart Skeletons: Day of the Dead inspired art and jewelry.

Bumbly’s: Sweet soap for your skin. I traded for ginger lime!

Not a neighbor, but amazing stencil artist whose subject matter is Pez dispensers onto broken skateboards –> Richard Cihlar. Also happened to trade mead and ginger wine that he made for a RWT shirt for his daughter! 🙂

Films watched 49th week of the year:

I’m Still Here
Love Actually [need to finish it next week]


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