2013 Week 26: Fami-leigh fun!

La De Blog - Leigh & Dad pre-spin
Me & Dad, pre-having our butts kicked @ spin

Mom & Dad in town. Lunch @ Shokolad. Mr. Klein gave my parents a tour of PortionPac! First fitting @ Mignonette – they got to see progress on my dress right after I did. Dinner @ Takito. Spin with my dad @ WPAC! Nature Museum. Dinner @ Bite. Whirled News Tonight @ Improv Olympic. Breakfast @ Big Jones. Parents left. Canada Day Party @ Elisse’s.

Taking Dad to spin was really fun. Julie asked me last week if she should take it easy on him and I said probably a bit easier would be good, but that did not happen. My dad knew when to take it easy though and I’m glad because she really kicked our butts in class that day. It was great to show him something firsthand that I’ve been so passionate about since the beginning of the year since it has truly changed my outlook on exercising.

Films watched 26th week of the year:

Distant ** [ Turkey ]
Kumare *
The Tales of Hoffman

* documentary
** foreign language

Kumare was excellent. I think he set out to do something he hadn’t really thought through the aftermath of, but the reveal turned out alright with most of his “followers”. I share Vikram Gandhi’s mindset that you don’t need organized religion to accomplish great things spiritually and mentally. I feel that believing in yourself is something that does not often come down the pipeline in organized religion and it’s nice that Vikram showed his followers that this power was inside them all along. A doc must-watch.

Distant was one of the most boring films I’ve watched this year. I just watched it this week and I took nothing away from it. Do not watch!