2013 Week 28: Constitution addendum proposal: Name tags for all

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French pastries @ Shanley’s. Lunch & West Side Market with boo parents. Dinner at Alma (Pgh) with Jessica & Mike. Saw Belle & Sebastian in Pittsburgh with Jessica, Mike, & Natalia! Wedding luncheon in Cleveland.

Very busy at work and trying to sort out a bunch more wedding stuff. I was so stressed I actually skipped spin for the first week after 27 weeks of going mostly twice a week and I feel so gross about it. I still did lots of walks and a few bike rides, but my body could not handle it. I’ll be back mostly full swing this coming week. Belle & Sebastian were the best I’ve seen them in years. SO much fun to see them with our friends! The wedding luncheon was a lovely affair and so nice to spend time with friends of Z’s parents. The stressful part for me is always remembering names, which has always been my kryptonite. I was trying to get Z to agree to nametags at the wedding, but he has shot this idea down. When Z and I got home after our long drive, we did laundry, cleaned Katniss’ cage, gave her a bath and finished Season 3 of Arrested Development (rewatch) and now I am blogging. No rest for the weary!

Total side note: I love that Eliza’s Google calendar says “Get married” on their wedding day. Z and I are very psyched for their wedding in Keokuk, IA!

Films watched 28th week of the year:

Herman’s House *
The Bling Ring
I’m So Excited ** [ Spain ]

* documentary
** foreign language

Great movie week. I enjoyed all of these a ton, but each one had a flaw that stayed with me:

  • The ending in Herman’s House broke my heart. Why make a documentary with no true resolution!? I do realize that a documentarian cannot film subjects forever, BUT this ending felt like the end of Bully felt; missing.
  • The fact that Sofia Coppola knows and likely hangs out with all of these celebrities that were victims of The Bling Ring‘s burglaries just felt so weird. Sofia probably called Paris up like: “Oh, hi friend. Can we shoot a few scenes at your place? Yeah? Cool.” While I found it very enjoyable and beautiful like all of her films, there’s no one to root for in this one. These kids are utter slimeballs.
  • I *loved* I’m So Excited, but Bruna’s main scene threw me for a loop. As a feminist, I was horrified and couldn’t help but compare this rape scene to the polar opposite ones in The Skin I Live In. Rape is never funny and for Almodóvar to imply that it is after making TSILI is disgusting and shocking to me. The film is so enjoyable, but it’s hard to remove this from souring my impression of the film.