2013 Week 4: Ice, ice, baby, twee cold.

La De Blog - Tilda Blankets
Tilda emerging from the blankets

Had dinner with Annie @ Fat Willy’s and saw Gangster Squad. Took first Live DJ Spin class @ WPAC. Epic Burger with two of my fave coworkers. Went to Dragonlady for the first time in ages. Finally went to Township for the first time with Amanda and Derek. Sold at my first craft fair of the year, Urban Folk Circuit @ Logan Square Farmer’s Market.


Same Sex Wedding Card by Arthur’s Plaid Pants

It was great to get back in the swing of things and sell at Urban Folk Circuit even though it was an icy Sunday. I got to hang with Reba (Rar Rar Press) and had a great time chatting with Jen (Arthur’s Plaid Pants) and the father/son team of North Coast Organics. I got a super tasty grilled cheese from Prairie Pure Cheese and picked Z up a small gift. I love the pairing of handmade crafts with farm grown/artisan foods. The shoppers seemed to enjoy it as well!

Also, I applied for Crafty Supermarket, which is April 27th in Cincinnati, OH. Fingers crossed because I don’t believe I’ve ever been there and I’ve heard this show is great and lots of fun!

Tweekly make was remaking Dowager Countess cards in a new colorway (pink on yellow) for the fair.

Films watched 4th week of the year:

Generation P ** [Russian]
Gangster Squad
Die Hard
Hollow Man
Drive Me Crazy
Cleanflix *

* documentary
** foreign language

Generation P was my winner, though I think about 1/4 of it could have been chopped out. It lost both me and Z for a wee bit in the middle. Otherwise, it was really exciting, dreamlike, and fun to watch. I love movies based around advertising and it did not disappoint. Bandwagon was a close second. I will always love movies about touring bands. All thumbs down on Cosmopolis. What a boring, pretentious pile.