2013 Week 3: Pardon my partying.

La De Blog - Shuron Glasses

Got my new glasses from Labrabbit. They RULE and I love them.

5 parties. Took my third spin class. Got to catch up with Jenny and Jen at Lula. Fantastic weekend, but 5 parties [st. sebastian day, austin’s bday, jon & autumn’s schwarzenegger, liza’s pizza, eliza’s 30th] split between two days may be one too many parties.

Tweekly Make: Moosewood Kitchen chili made with Upton’s instead of TVP. I’ve been making it for years, but it never gets old.

Films watched 3rd week of the year:

Nate & Margaret
Somewhere Between *
Any Day Now
The Color of Pomegranates ** [Armenia]
The Running Man

** foreign language

I feel like a jerk, but I finally watched my friend Nathan’s film Nate & Margaret and it was quite good. It is streaming on Netflix. I am proud of him for making such a sweet, fun, bittersweet film. Favorite scene was definitely the mug scene towards the end.

Somewhere Between was an enjoyable documentary about Chinese girls who had been adopted by American families and are curious about their birth families/how they came to be adopted. It was directed by a woman who was adopting a Chinese girl herself and the film is dedicated to her daughter. Having been adopted myself and finding my birth mother, I felt a lot of empathy for the girls in the film, but I wish the director had delved deeper and opened some doors that we only saw a peek at that were then slammed closed.

Of note: I adapted my new year’s resolution from watching one foreign language film a week to watching a foreign language film from a different country every week. 52 different countries! This will happen. I would love to get recommendations for countries that will be hard to find films for. Countries knocked out so far: Japan, Italy, Armenia, Russia! Only 48 to go!