2013 Week 2: “I’m LOST without you here.”

La De Blog - Vegan Almond Butter Cookies

This week, Z and I saw two movies in the theatre, which just makes me want to watch more movies in the theatre. This is 40 just made me want to re-watch LOST and watch LOST I did! Only 105 episodes to go! The first half of this week I was still limping around after my first spin class. I took my second class today (Sunday) with a different instructor and I enjoyed her class more because of her music and program. I had to take it slightly easy because not being able to sit down without help was not fun. I am really digging spin and would love to take a few classes a week, but my gym’s class schedule for the spin classes is really wonky and I am not up for any 6am class!

My friend Erin is a member of Ag47; a nonprofit that matches teenage girls with mentors who help them create art of all kinds. They threw an event Saturday called Exquisite Corpse at Challengers Comics. I made the cookies below for the baked good sale (recipe below). The event was a huge success with a great turnout and me and Miss Alison each left with a piece of artwork drawn by the girls and mentors.

Tweekly Make: Made vegan almond butter cookies using this recipe and subbing almond butter for peanut butter and agave for honey. They didn’t turn out like PB cookies, but were still pretty good.

Films watched 2nd week of the year:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Kevin *
Umberto D. **
This is 40
Hungry for Change *
The Godfather, part II

**foreign language

So, The Godfather films did not blow me away, but again, I am glad to finally be watching them. I still have to watch part III, but I’ve heard that’s the worst of the lot. After watching Quill last week and bawling my eyes out, Zachary suggested Umberto D. for my foreign film because it’s about an old man and his dog. This movie was very affecting to me and I was shaking in anticipation of what would happen. I liked it, but it was very hard for me to watch. Films with dogs are often pretty hard for me to take. Most enjoyable film this week was Detention. It felt like a film mash-up of 80’s and 90’s romcoms, music videos, and horror, with the pacing of Scott Pilgrim.