2013 Week 37: Everybody’s working for the wedding…

La De Blog - Vegan Fudge
Photo of the microwave vegan fudge I made from this Wanna Be Chef recipe. I used almond milk and added Dandies vegan marshmallows and everyone who had one at the Show of Hands meet & greet loved them! BONUS: It only took about 15 minutes to whip up and throw in the freezer. I definitely would not throw in freezer next time, but it was really hot so I figured they needed to stay as cool as possible, but I broke the tip of my chef’s knife trying to cut them. So, if you’re looking for something I really want off our Amazon registry? The 6″ chef’s knife we registered for would be ULTRA handy!

Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. Now that it’s nearly a month away, I completely understand why so many go full Bridezilla. It is really hard to put together an entire wedding, you guys. I am again SO thankful for my friends, my endlessly amazing friends!

This week: Second dress fitting @ Mignonette. Bought paint and brushes at JoAnn’s for painting placecard holders. Applied for Handmade Arcade! A Show of Hands Meet & Greet! Kate got into town and we went to brunch @ TAKITO. Afterwards, LCB, Z and I painted placecard holders and later on that night we packaged our favors. Ate AYCE @ Sushi Para 2. Completed a secret mission. Ate at Dimo’s. Helped Donovan make centerpieces for her wedding next week with Grandma Club. No spin this week. So incredibly busy and there is truly not enough time in the day, but I am still exercising outside of the gym and biking to work a bunch. Muscle gain and weight loss still happening.

Katniss is recovering nicely and her stitches seem to have mostly scabbed over. When I’m sleepy and flip her over, it is still somewhat of a shock to see, but really, she is just as speedy with 3 legs as when she had 4 legs. She is probably tired, as Z and Tilda are, of me singing “CALL ME MAYBE!” Since watching the corgi parody video, I cannot get that song out of my head. It’ll disappear for an hour here or there, but then BAM, it’s back again. Government mind control by way of teen pop stars?

Films watched 37th week of the year:

This is the End
Stories We Tell *
Goodbye, Dragon Inn ** [ Taiwan ]

* documentary
** foreign language

This is the End was my fave this week. I belly laughed a whole bunch and I think that Seth Rogen would just be a really cool guy to hang out with during Armageddon. Did you see that pic of him and Lil’ Bub? COME ON!