2012 Week 20: one step forward. forward thinking.

La De Blog - RWT Booth Set-Up @ Urban Folk Circuit (Schubas)

I accomplished some good things this week, but there were moments that I realized I had been staring into space thinking about losing Jeff. His death helped put things into perspective for me and I am going to try to take positive steps forward for myself and those that I love.

  • Prepared duck (roasted duck breast) for the first time.
  • Made chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting from scratch.
  • Planted my container garden.
  • Went to Dan Cordinated’s balloon-filled birthday party.
  • Did my first craft fair of the year (Urban Folk Circuit @ Schubas)
  • Got to hang out with some awesome ladies at Urban Folk Circuit: Mother of Hermes and Red Ava
  • Did a whole lot of Tilda training.
  • Films watched 20th week of the year:
    Drive Angry
    The Avengers
    Bomb It*