2012 Week 8: “you look amazing there stuck between me and the moon.”

On Wednesday I had the second part of my root canal and on the drive home from Avondale, I saw this handmade penguin piñata in the storefront of Dulcelandia and I stopped in to check it out. This weekend my boo turned 31 and though he does love a good penguin, I couldn’t justify $20 on something we’d just smash apart. He had a nice birthday weekend anyways sans penguin.

I finally went to see Hugo and I was bummed it didn’t win Best Picture at the Oscars. I enjoyed The Artist, but Hugo was something special. Very few films these days provide that sheer sense of wonderment that Hugo did. I couldn’t stop telling Z how much I loved it after we left the theatre. It made me feel like life was full of possibilities. Also awesome this week was that Z and I saw The Promise Ring at the Metro and then The Holy Mountain at Music Box. It was a cool one-two punch for Z’s birthday! Z was not familiar with TPR, but I belted out nearly every song with the crowd and ran into friends aplenty. Hearing “make me a mixtape” and my boo having a great birthday weekend made for a nice week.

Films watched 8th week of the year:

Hugo (3D)
Bill Cunningham New York*
Beautiful Boy
The Crazies (2010)
Solitary Man
The Holy Mountain (Jodorowsky)


Anyone who loves documentaries should see Bill Cunningham New York. Bill Cunningham totally rules. He has see so much in his life and documented most of it on film. He rides his bicycle everywhere. He’s had 27 stolen and yet he is such a happy person. He writes it off with a laugh. I have never known anyone like this in my life. This man has ethics that I am sure journalists today rarely, if ever, follow. It is fascinating to see someone completely married to his art, but at what cost?