2012 Week 5: Slowly, but surely.

Leigh preparing to Wii!

This was a good week filled with fun and friends. I still haven’t made a whole lot of progress on the craft room, but I did manage to put up shelves by myself. This was a milestone! Also, I finally found some new storage for my A2 cards at IKEA: SAMLA box with lid. Z took the above photo of me pre-Wii Fit one day. In order to better track my calories, I switched from the Lose It! app to My Fitness Pal. It has far more foods listed, so I don’t have to make up my own makeshift recipes as often. They actually have multiple variations of avocado rolls to choose from. Hooray! I wish the Wii had an option I could pick so it did not show me my BMI/weight every day. I’d rather see my weight once a week so it’s not such a constant up and down. Since we started Wii Fit-ing in early January, Z and I have lost 5 lbs., but then every few days it fluctuates back or forth.

Films watched 5th week of the year:

Alice in Wonderland (1933)
A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop
The Men Who Stare at Goats


Sweetgrass was really fascinating. It is a documentary about sheep herding through the mountains of Montana. It uses natural sound. No music, no narration and very little speaking at all. Definitely something we are not used to seeing these days. One of the couple times there was speaking, I learned some brand new swears. Definitely worth a viewing if you think sheep are cute. Holy sheep!