Mr. Moustache Pillow by Sally England Design

I loves me a good moustache. Before hipsters started growing them because they were ironic, I still loved moustaches. At Renegade Craft Fair last weekend, I kept coming back to this since it’s such a fantastic idea. There was a company called Ladicakes in Chicago that made pillows shaped like their namesake’s moustache. The best was the Burt. That pillow was a big huggable thing. I just went to their former site and now it’s become some food blog. I think Ladicakes must have passed the torch to Sally England Design of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who makes this pillow with 4 interchangeable moustaches.

moustachepillow_sallyengland.jpg moustachepillow_sallyengland2.jpg

They’ll take you for a ride: