Cake Linocut by Betty Turbo

Great news! I just received word that Rhymes with Twee got into DEPART-ment which is October 5, 6, and 7th!

This calls for a celebratory cake! If you’re craving a delicious cake that will last a lot longer than the real thing, then perhaps this gorgeous linocut print will do the trick. I had another one of her prints marked as an Etsy favorite for awhile now, but this one really takes the cake (yeah, yeah, I know).

delicious cake linocut print on vintage cookbook pages by betty turbo
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Happy Little Dumpling by One Square Tree

Anyone who has spent a day with me knows my deep love for food.  A good veggie gyoza is hard to find.  Growing up in a suburb of DC, Alexandria, VA, my friends and I would often hang out at Springfield Mall.  The food court there housed a great little yogurt place that now I’ve forgotten the name of.  It was a chain restaurant that you’d find at most malls in the area, but the asian family who ran this place would make special veggie gyoza and sell them on the D/L.  I’m not sure what happened; if they got in trouble for selling them, but all of a sudden, the gyoza were gone and they went back to only selling frozen yogurt.  My heart pines for these delicious dumplings, but finding the happy little dumplings on Etsy by One Square Tree makes it hurt a little less.  Buy one ($5) or save when you buy three ($12).  These are the twee-est of the twee.

Happy Little Dumpling

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