2014 Week 29: Time for some ice tweem

La De Blog - Rhymes with Twee @ Coterie @ Pitchfork 2014
Rhymes with Twee set-up @ Pitchfork’s Coterie

This week: Christina & Shaun came over to meet the hedgehog babies. Emergency UVNA meeting about St. John’s church. Coterie @ Pitchfork – I saw Beck from afar; watched Neutral Milk Hotel and Slowdive. The last Post Perspicacious Pitchfork Party @ Nick & Erin’s – I think I am missing one P there.

As for Coterie @ Pitchfork, I had an excellent time. I ate a Temptations vegan ice cream cone every day. Lovely booth neighbors and wonderful customers. One guy bought a pink lady (Dowager Countess) tote bag from me and I saw him later and he hugged me. I <3 my customers.

I'm feeling low on words this week, so here is a video of a wee tapir and its momma.

Films watched 29th week of the year:

Cronos *

* documentary

This week and getting ready for selling at Coterie @ Pitchfork made me feel like I didn’t have anything left. One freaking exhausting week. Cronos was pretty to watch and nice to have on while multitasking.

2014 Week 28: Mon ami, Coterie

La De Blog - Ian's Birthday @ Kitchen 17
Ian’s Birthday Dinner @ Kitchen 17

I am posting 5 days after my intended post day of Sunday because I’ve been super busy AND gearing up for COTERIE at Pitchfork. Come cool off in the tents with us. I’m near buddies Megan Lee Designs and Red Ava Designs. <3

This week: Dinner @ Thai Village/Drinks @ Hala Kahiki with Z, Stacy, Derek, and Amanda. My first attendance of a Wednesday Friendsday @ Happy Village. UVNA Board Meeting. Ian's Bday dinner @ Kitchen 17. Mica's Party. Trader Joe's. Handlebar with LCB, Adam, Amy, and Kimmi. Dropped Bean Baby onesies @ Neighborly. Made dinner for the boo who'd been in Cleveland.

There is a lot of baby hedgehog news to post, but I need to sleep to ready myself for Pitchfork. And, goodnight.

Films watched 28th week of the year:

Girl Most Likely
They Came Together

I thought both of these would be funnier. TCT was pretty good, but I feel like there were lots of romcom cliches not touched upon. :) Paul Rudd & Amy Poehler, come on kiddos.

2014 Week 27: Baby Scrunch Face Hedgehogs!

La De Blog - Art3mis Baby Scrunch Faces x 3

La De Blog - Art3mis 2 week old baby hedgehogs hoglets
Art3mis’ Baby Scrunch Face

This week: Inventory at work – yowza. Z made veggie lasagna for vow dinner – repeat but with different veggies this time. I finally went back to spin to my friend Paige’s ‘Murica spin class. Got to check Art3mis’ nest for the babies and all three survived – then we have to wait until Friday to start further socializing. Went to my neighbor Judith’s to see her gorgeous weaving. Party @ Pat’s. Party @ Adrianne & Rachel’s. Wolf Park with Z, Kimmi, & Jen S – it was a really fun little roadtrip. Music Box for Snowpiercer. RWT business.

Going into the weekend, I decided to reshoot all of my paper good product photos for Rhymes with Twee with my new lightbox and that was a huge undertaking. Wowsers. The shop looks AMAZING now though: Rhymes with Twee Etsy Shop. Huzzah!

Films watched 27th week of the year:

Sex Positive *

* documentary

I watched a lot of tv shows this week. I loved the premise of Snowpiercer and n’doi, Tilda Swinton was amazing; the best. I will absolutely be re-watching it because there is a lot I am sure I missed. Sex Positive documented a figure I had not heard about in the AIDS/HIV movement, Richard Berkowitz, and was directed by Daryl Wein. I’ve seen a number of documentaries about this, but I still learned new information.

2014 Week 26: Swap a dee #3

La De Blog - 2014-06-29 Chicago Food Swap - what I made
What I brought to swap:
pulled jackfruit, you’re a dahl mix, lime macaroons & malörtaroons.

La De Blog - 2014-06-29 Chicago Food Swap - my haul
My swap haul

This week: Dinner with Stacy/Amber @ Lula. Joong Boo with Jen S. Applied for DIY Trunk Show. Library. Vegan Vortex. Canada Day Party. Made food for food swap. Chicago Food Swap with Linsey @ Sur La Table downtown. Movie with Z, Heidi & Ed.

This was my third time taking part in the Chicago Food Swap. I came back with even more sweet than the first two somehow. If you’re reading this looking for a food swap tip, bring savory, bring savory, bring savory! I wish I’d made more ‘you’re my dal mix’ (tweaked this Mark Bittman recipe to be a mix). Also to note, a lot of swappers were scared of my pulled jackfruit. I used this recipe from Clean Green Simple as a starting point, but deviated somewhat. Many people had no idea what it was so they were reluctant to try it. If I make another jackfruit recipe in the future, I’ll write a descriptor like “vegan pulled pork” would have given people an idea of what it meant. It was my first time making macaroons and I veganized this recipe from Dessert Now, Dinner Later. I made a double batch and subbed coconut flour for flour and canned coconut milk for sweetened condensed milk. I also made a malört version I’m calling a malörtaroon because, thanks to my friend Rachel’s malört cake, I’ve been making malörty versions of sweets just because – also, I met Rachel’s friend Allie (working at SLT) at the swap. Chicago is endlessly small.

I’m vegetarian, but eat vegan often, so I do look for vegan items, but there were far fewer vegan items than usual even with a fairly large group. My fave swap items were: kraut & cranberry kombucha. linsey’s lemon curd! sea salt brownies. dulche de leche macarons. I picked up bacon jam made by The Cooking Cop who I enjoyed chatting with at the end. I love that food swaps are bringing together such a great mix of people in Chicago. Again, must make more savory items next time. Not sure I’ll be able to make the July food swap since it’s Pitchfork weekend and Rhymes with Twee will be selling at Coterie, but I might be a loon and still try to swing it.

Films watched 26th week of the year:

Go Fish
Purple Rain
The Fault in Our Stars

I’d seen Go Fish before, but before I lived in Chicago. Had never seen Purple Rain even though I’d always meant to. Wow, it is incredibly misogynistic and was pretty bad to boot. TFiOS was really good and met my expectations and I didn’t cry as much as while reading the book. :)

2014 Week 25: Art3mis’ Immaculate Conception

La De Blog - Hedgehog Babies made by Art3mis

Friday morning I went to say goodbye to Art3mis when I pulled back her fleece and found 3 SQUIRMING LITTLE BABY HEDGEHOGS under her fleece. The Hedgehog Welfare Society was told that the two female hedgehogs were housed separately from the male hedgehogs, so Art3mis immaculately conceived her babies. It all makes sense that Art3mis seemed more distant from us every day – that’s what future hedgehog moms do when they are preparing to give birth. SO, crazy surprise for me that morning. I called in to work saying I was running a little late and might possibly need to take a half day because I needed to find out what I had to do. After doing research, the word is to take out her cage and do nothing for 2-3 weeks and be very quiet. We only hear Art3mis when she runs out to feed and have only caught glimpses of her. So freaking surreal to have tiny baby hoglets in there but we can’t check in on them at all. MADDENING!

This week: Music Box with Z and Jason Anderson for Night Moves. Daddy’s Gonna Kill Ralphie, Z’s high school friend Toby’s band @ Burlington. $6.50 Movie @ Regal City North. Dragonlady. Music Box to see Filth with Q&A by Irvine Welsh. Sold at Renegade Chicago Mini Market @ Mana Contemporary – what a nice space, wonderful customers old & new, and great vendors – I loved splitting the booth with Betsy of Foxglove Accessories. Dinner at Bite. Sold at RCF Chicago Mini Market Day 2.

Additionally, I made two brand new cards to debut at Renegade Chicago Mini Market; a Malort birthday card and a lady date card! They are up in the Rhymes with Twee Etsy Shop.

Films watched 25th week of the year:

Night Moves (2013)
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Rust Never Sleeps
Bad Milo!

One of the best movie weeks in some time. Night Moves really did a number on me. It compared extreme environmentalists to the people they are trying to convince that large changes need to be made in our countries/lives. Dakota Fanning is truly one of the great film stars of today. It was a really stressful film to watch. Felt like The Cove meets early David Gordon Green cinematography. Masterful filmmaking by Kelly Reichardt.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 was even better than the first. I LOVED the message that, even with a physical disability, you can do amazing things, even better than others. I read a number of articles about the film because it struck me so. One interesting article on The Dissolve called We’re losing all our Strong Female Characters to Trinity Syndrome was one I disagreed with about Valka in this film essentially not having a point. SPOILER ALERT. SPOILER ALERT. SPOILER ALERT. Her role is not a throwaway one. She never went back to the island after being taken away during the dragon siege because no one ever listened to her that dragons could be allies rather than enemies. Listen to a woman? No way! She did a brave thing by going against the social norm; killing dragons, and finding her own path of studying/befriending dragons and this was A MAJOR plot point in WHY Hiccup became Hiccup. I felt there was a good amount of time on Valka in the film. When she was attacked at the end, her pacifist nature came out and she just could not bring herself to kill. This is her true nature – how could she kill a dragon? Yes, it is a truth that we need more strong female lead characters in film, but Valka was a strong supporting character who stayed true to her convictions, and she was one I was very glad to see.

NY&CH:RNS was good to have on in the background while I was editing photos. Bad Milo! was pretty bad, but fairly fun. I knew James McAvoy was a great actor, but in Filth, man, he proves he is multi-dimensional. The film was good, but it felt like something I’ve seen numerous times before.

2014 Week 24: “this is music for girls.”

La De Blog - Rise & Run delivery

My friend Carmen is running the Chicago Marathon on behalf of Back on my Feet and her and her friend Brittany have started Rise and Run. For a $20 donation, after their Saturday morning training, they deliver home baked goods to your doorstep selected Saturdays from now through 10/4. I got my first delivery and it is so awesome. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Baked goodies for good!

A few weeks back, I talked about a friend having a hard time. That friend is my longtime friend and former roommate Rani and I put together a Give Forward campaign to help her re-set her life after her suicide attempt this winter. A lot of things lead to that attempt, but she has made and is continuing to make great forward strides. I’m trying to do anything I can think of to help and I would be grateful to anyone who would share the campaign link or give $5, $10, $20; anything will make a difference in her life.

This week: First meeting of the UVNA with our board. Tried out Tatoco with Z & Stacy. Carmen dropped off baked goods for Rise & Roll. Unwindulaxed with a lot of How I Met Your Mother. Dinner at Native Foods with Z, Kirstie & Jason. Cocktails @ Takito with Alison & Emily. Bite/Logan Square Farmer’s Market with Jen S. Jason Anderson showed up and we watched The Room with Stevie G. Review Revue @ Bar Deville.

whatever happened to Baxendale?
keep your bittersweet symphonies.
i’ll break your legs if you stop me dancing.

Films watched 24th week of the year:

Damsels in Distress
The Room

I am shocked I only watched two movies this week. Damsels in Distress was truly bizarre. There were some very funny moments in it, but it didn’t feel cohesive as a film, like something was missing. Greta Gerwig reminded me of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, working towards causes she believed in that truly miss the point. Similarly, this film didn’t know what point it was trying to make.

I don’t think I ever want to show anyone The Room at home ever again. I knew that crowd participation is a large part of why it’s so incredibly funny & enjoyable, but Jason wanted to watch it and we indulged him. Pretty sure he thought Steven and I were big dorks talking to the screen, but he already knew we were dorks. Oh well, lesson learned. Don’t throw spoons at your home tv!

2014 Week 23: Meet Miss Art3mis!

La De Blog - Art3mis Hedgehog Butt
Art3mis splat

Big news this week was that we rescued a new hedgehog and named her Art3mis after Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which Z still needs to read. We adopted her through the Hedgehog Welfare Society. We had been on the waitlist for a girl hedgie for awhile and our friend Christina drove up to Beloit to put this one up – the owner had passed and left, I believe, two other hedgies and a macaw? Art3mis is a very large hedgehog and overweight, but she runs A LOT – inspiring! Z and I’ve been working to socialize her and slept with fleece which we’ve put into her pigloo to familiarize her with our sent. She’s in quarantine for a month to make sure she doesn’t have anything contagious to pass on to Katniss. Then she’ll go into the condo unit below Katniss. We can’t wait to see if they’ll be hedge friends, though my guess is they’ll just tolerate one another.

This week: Adopted a new hedgebaby! lunch with Heather at Upton’s Breakroom. Music Box. Dinner @ Sticky Rice Chiang Mai/Margie’s Candies with Donovan, Dillon, & Elisse. Dinner @ Sticky Rice Chiang Mai (not a typo) with Jen S, her mom, and Jen L. LCBday brunch at Honey Butter Fried Chicken (way more veggie stuff than you’d think a fried chicken place would have). Steve R.’s housewarming party where I reconsidered owning a condo. Heidi & Ed bday hangs at Township. Leah & Tim’s housewarming tennis party. I had to bow out of a few events this week because it was so busy that I needed a little time for me

Can we talk about how excited I am for this Beverly record to come out July 1st? I know I posted it in my rambling Rocketship post from last week, but I think it’s real good, yinzers.

Films watched 23rd week of the year:

All That Jazz
The Dance of Reality
The Kings of Summer

I swear I watched All that Jazz in the last few months, but I didn’t journal it, so perhaps I dreamed it? Still good again – some real pretty dance numbers. I think the first time I was just looking for something to watch, but this time I watched it knowing that Bob Fosse directed it about his own life. To direct a movie about your own life and downfall and how bad of a person you think you might be; that is pretty bananas.

Jodorowsky’s The Dance of Reality was one of the most tame films of his that I have seen, but I am not done with his back catalog – Z and I started watching them from the beginning, but there’s just not enough time in the day.

The Kings of Summer was quite good. It reminded me of a childhood favorite, the Sandlot, with a great mix of bitter and sweet. Also, it’s fun to see Moises Arias, who played Rico from Hannah Montana, growing up on film. He is becoming a really good actor.

And speaking about dudes building a house in the middle of nowhere, why would I not link to this Drums live performance on KEXP because they’re going in to record a new album soon and HI, they are so great!