2014 Week 31: “sometimes your arms are like a weight around my neck”

La De Blog - Goodbye SteffBomb
LA friends, take care of Steff! She is awesome.

In googling the lyrics for the Hood song I quoted in the title, I found a post about them here. I am willing to bet I know or at least know friends of friends of the person that wrote it. This song randomly popped into my head while pulling together this post. There is a lot going on in my life and I feel spread so thin; there’s simply not enough tasty jam to get to the edge these days. When I went to Steff’s going away party, I got a little teary. This was a bit funny since Steff and I are truly more acquaintances than friends, though I think if both of us had more free time that we would have been friends. She is rad and I am rad and we share a gaggle of friends in common. It just hadn’t worked out that we had hung out except for at craft fairs and maybe twice or thrice outside of that. Her going away and seeing all the people that loved and admired her reminded me of when I left the DC area for Chicago and all the love felt there and what truly makes someone a good friend. How some people you can not see for years upon years and then when you do, it’s like no time has passed whatsoever. I am very lucky to have such amazing friends in my life. Hold onto these people, dear readers.

Laini’s birthday was Saturday. I always try to do something she would have particularly enjoyed on her birthday and anniversary of her death and this year Saturday was somewhat a bust. I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy 3D with Jerroid, after a thwarted attempt to get near Showplace Icon with Lolla down the street, we wound up at Regal Webster Place but had to get seats 10 away from one another. I think Laini would have dug the movie though. I did right by Laini Sunday by going to Greek Islands with Z. He calls it the Greek version of Epcot Center and it reminds me of the place I used to go with Laini, IKAROS (which I didn’t know had moved in 2012). Googling it brought some tears to my eyes. Happy memories of that place with Laini, or just picking up spanakopita for her mom, Dorothea, from there.

This week: Emily and I began packing Rani’s stuff Tuesday night. Another 6am spin class with my fave Julie S.! Steff’s going away party @ Parson’s. Art3mis & babies wellness check @ Chicago Exotics. Deleece with Z. Guardians of the Galaxy with Jerroid and he dropped me off at Rivers “Lame” Casino (was meeting Z and Red Lobster reveler friends there – I should not have gone). More packing Rani’s stuff with Z. Greek Islands with Z.

Films watched 31st week of the year:

Guardians of the Galaxy 3D

Guardians of the Galaxy was just the right mix of comedy and sci-fi nerdery for me. Highly enjoyable and maybe it’ll make kids start making actual mixtapes again? 🙂

Welp, both of the films I watched were doozies. Basically, Brainstorm is about a technology like Google Glass if it could kill. #googleglassthatkills It was very enjoyable even though the ending was convoluted. The special effects are flipping amazing considering this was a 1983 film.

Also, this happens:
La De Blog - Christopher Walken Bike Bicycle Messenger Hipster Brainstorm
Christopher Walken, Bike Bicycle Messenger Hipster in Brainstorm

Somehow I could not find a screenshot of that ridiculous image so what is above is a photo of our tv as Z and I watched it. All credit to the director Douglas Trumbull.