2014 Week 22: Pop ’til my heart stops, y’all

La De Blog - Rocketship @ Trans Pecos
Rocketship (Dustin Reske & Co.) @ Trans-Pecos

This week was a doozy: Sushi Station/Mitsuwa with Z, Jen S., and Stacy. Edward Gorey exhibit @ LUMA. Small Bar with Kelly, Heather & Jim. Squasht opening party with Kimmi. Printed a new card! Flew to NYC and headed straight to dinner with Kevin and Amy Plitt at Taco Chulo, followed by cookies at Momofuku Milk Bar. Then straight to The Flatmates/My Favorite/The Haywains @ Knitting Factory. Lunch with Kevin & Niko @ Wild Ginger and a walk to Cafe Grumpy. Afternoon show @ Spike Hill, but we left for Maleficent in Union Square. Quick dinner of pizza @ Two Boots. Band A Part/Rocketship @ Cameo Gallery – it was hot as hell and I couldn’t be in there any longer than I had to. Sunday morning, Kev and I headed to brunch at Bar Bodega and met up with Jen Ferreira and her friend Fay, Molly Cronin, and Terence Adams (who I have not seen in forever & ever)! Last, but best: Rocketship/Pam Berry/Mark Monnone/Beverly (Beverly were amazing – song link here) @ Trans-Pecos. I ubered it to LaGuardia and pretty much still haven’t decompressed three days later.

99% of the reason I flew to the NYC Popfest was to see Rocketship, a band I have loved ~15 years since an ex Victor put them on a mixtape. Seeing so many of my awesome friends and fantastic bands and eating tasty food made up the other 1%, but let’s be real – I did it for Rocketship. Often when I mention them, I get a lot of blank stares, even from rabid music fans so, being in a space inhabited by super fans of Rocketship was thrilling. They were filming a documentary about them and I told my story of discovering them. The Saturday night show was great, don’t get me wrong, but the sound and setting and crowd on Sunday at Trans-Pecos was absolutely magical and NYCTaper recorded the magic and put it up here. I believe I did a good job of not embarrassing myself when I told Dustin & co. what finally getting to see them meant to me. A great history of Rocketship’s discography.

Q: What’s Ryan Gosling’s favorite song?
A: Hey Hey Girl. Duh.

Ryan Gosling Hey Hey Girl
image from sageclothing/photoshopped by me

Hey Hey Girl by Rocketship

Softies Cover of Hey Hey Girl

Films watched 22nd week of the year:

How to Train your Dragon

Just an OK movie week. HTTYD is freakin’ awesome, but I’ve seen it before. It was extremely fun to see Maleficent with the group I went with, but I don’t think I’d ever watch it again. So many adorable creatures – I wanted to see more of them! Knowing Disney, they’ll probably make a spin-off of a spin-off, so maybe we’ll get some actual backstory on those deep cuts. 🙂