2014 Week 11: Veronica Mas Attacks!

La De Blog - Veronica Mars
Stephanie & Me pre-VMARS

Longtime overdue lunch with Linsey @ The Winchester. Dinner @ Quesadilla. Veronica Mars Movie! Grand Budapest Hotel/lunch @ Urban Vegan. Veggie Sushi-making.

My 40 bags in 40 days challenge has been feeling really good. I’m doing a little something each day and it is feeling so good. It’s manageable doing it this way and I’m so happy to be doing it!

Films watched 11th week of the year:

Veronica Mars
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Martyrs of Life ** [ Czechoslovakia ]
Upside Down: The Creation Record Story *
The Butler

* documentary

Veronica Mars has owned my life for the last month and finally seeing the film was SO PERFECT. I have gone to the opening night of Harry Potter, the newer Star Wars, The LOTR trilogy, all that, but never have I felt a crowd more excited than this one. When the film started and ended, everyone clapped. There were squeals of joy and an incredible buzz in the room. LOVED IT! So exciting to see it and I know I’ll be seeing it once more in the theatre before it leaves.

The Grand Budapest Hotel was enjoyable, but I was spoiled with Moonrise Kingdom, which I think is my fave WA film.