2014 Week 8: Busy bees are we.

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Sushi Station

This week: Z made monthly dinner; a vegetarian cassoulet. Suburban errand running: IKEA, Mitsuwa, Sushi Station. Jennifer T.’s bday Potluck. The Wind Rises @ Landmark. Dinner with Reba @ Native Foods.

Most importantly this week, I finally filed my IL small business tax, but this time was far earlier than all the other years.Slowly getting better at tax stuff. I downloaded an app called Any.Do and it has been helping me create manageable tasks that I cross off and then get KIIP rewards for doing so. Wish there were rewards catered more towards me, but as this kind of technology evolves, I bet that will come.

Films watched 8th week of the year:

True Adolescents
My Perestroika *
The Wind Rises

* documentary

Usually, I enjoy Mark Duplass, but True Adolescents felt like a real waste of of time and he overacted the whole time. Guh. My Perestroika follows the lives of five of the last generation of Soviet children before the USSR fell apart. It was OK. It’s hard to believe that The Wind Rises is Miyazaki’s last film, but it is a nice tribute to one of his inspirations. A nice love story amongst the designing of flying war machines. Mostly I missed his creatures.