2013 Week 51: Married Christmas to you!

La De Blog - Little Jerry Christmas
Little Jerry Seinfeld; my brother Steve & his girlfriend Stewart’s dog

So, everyone says our first Christmas as a married couple is important. It’s funny because Donovan wrote this in her & Dillon’s holiday card to us. Z and I have been together nearly 8 years at this point [ on 4/2 ]. No additional fanfare, but the presents Z picked this year were especially awesome, especially the garlic grater dish from Karin Lorenc – this thing is amazing and I’ve already used it three times.

Last week: Picked up maple pecan Hoosier Mama Pie. Flew to DC. Christmas Eve dinner @ 2941. Christmas Day – the last official Vegan Vednesday of 2013 fell on Christmas day, so rather than having my mom be frazzled or being frazzled myself, I ordered a vegan dinner from Whole Foods and it was pretty good. Anchorman 2. Library of Congress/drinks @ Round Robin Bar with my parents. Galaxy Hut/Bakeshop with Peter. Lunch @ Harmony with Les. Dinner with rents @ Walker’s Grille. Hung with Shannon & Nick @ Hut. Lunch @ Landini Brothers/Saving Mr. Banks with my parents. Flew back to Chicago. Our own little Christmas exchange. Kimmi’s bday lunch @ Old Oak Tap & party later on.

Films watched 51st week of the year:

We Steal Secrets *
A Christmas Story
Anchorman 2
Christmas in Connecticut
Saving Mr. Banks
Munyurangabo ** [ Rwanda ]

* documentary
** foreign language

I thought Munyurangabo was spectacular. Tiny Mix Tapes has a great review here, better than anything I could write. It was absolutely one of my most memorable films of the foreign film from a different country every week.

I was looking forward to Saving Mr. Banks, but I ended it up liking it more than I thought I would. My friend April calls Tom Hanks America’s Uncle, and he keeps that title playing this role. I’m pretty sure Disney Disneyed up ole Walt in this, but as a film it was really great; an intriguing story with a lot of heart and P.L. Travers’ played very convincingly by Emma “Oscar is my middle name” Thompson. She deserves it.