2013 Week 32: Fokken youthful!

La De Blog - Rani Mark Wedding Decorations
Decorations @ Rani & Mark’s wedding

Second fitting @ Mignonette with Kirstie/Dinner @ Northdown. Rani & Mark’s wedding in Detroit on Belle Island. Drove from Detroit to Midway and picked blueberries in Sawyer, MI on the way. Indian food @ Kohinoor Dhaba with Alex/Cocktails at the Majestic Lounge in Del Ray Alexandria. The cocktails are stellar and they have A+ beers on tap. We had an awesome bartender named Sarah who just ruled. ACA tradeshow @ National Harbor.

It was really hard to be home without Shadow there. There was some solace found in my brother Steve’s dog, Little Jerry, who was amazing, but Shadow’s presence was severely noticed. Each day I’d come down the stairs in the morning and remember the brutal truth that she had passed. It’s been two weeks and my parents are still really tender. We’re all really tender.

Films watched 32nd week of the year:

Meet the Fokkens * & ** [ Netherlands ]

* documentary
** foreign language

This was the only time I’ve used one film to meet both of my film requirements. Because we left straight from Detroit and then I was my work trip, I was not able to watch another documentary. There are many weeks I watch multiple documentaries, so I’m still OK. Luckily, Meet the Fokkens was worthy of filling both spots because it was hugely enjoyable. It’s about twins who have been prostitutes for years upon years and decide it might be time to retire. There is some excellent footage of them in their younger days. There are scenes where they are servicing clients and they are LOL-funny. They have such positive attitudes and inside jokes and I just loved this film. Absolute must-watch.