2013 Week 20: Harbor Country Twee

La De Blog - Flaky Croissant Card

Productive week! Tweekly make: remade the flaky croissant card: “Sorry I’ve been so flaky.” Haven’t made this card in years, but people continue to be flaky and still need this card! Also printed a new card that I just need to put the finishing touches on it once supplies come in. Also this week: Tilda training. Dropped off goods at Rudys Roundup and Bean Baby onesies at Neighborly. Went bowling with Zachary at Fireside Bowl. Friends & Fun @ Marble with Jim Z.

This weekend, Rhymes with Twee sold at Journeyman Distillery Artisan Market. Had some beautiful weather, great booth neighbors, and very tasty cocktails. Z and I stayed at a bed & breakfast called The Pumpernickel Inn and had such a great stay there. I ran into my (awesome) optometrist and we went to his place for a drink after a delicious dinner at Cafe Gulistan. Gorgeous! I now understand why so many people have a second home in Harbor Country. On Sunday, we had coffee at my coworker’s home in New Buffalo. Stopped at a farmer’s market at Skip’s. Wonderful trip through and through.

Because of the fair, I only made it to two spin classes this week. I added Marty’s Tuesday class into my regimen and so now I am going Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday as long as I am not selling at a fair. So many upcoming fairs. Speaking of which, I was accepted into the Bucktown Arts Fest Sat., Aug. 24th & Sun, Aug 25th from 11am to 7pm. I’m excited to do this show again.

Films watched 20th week of the year:

Bully (2011) *
Tuesday, After Christmas ** (Romania)

* documentary
** foreign language

Honestly, I wanted Bully to be better. Bullying is a serious issue and this film addressed how horrible it was without giving any kind of solution or action that viewers of the film could take. Sure, having an anti-bullying rally made some impact, but it just fell flat as an ending. There must be statistics out there the director could have mentioned. Give me infographics. Give me interviews with bullies or the families of the bullies. Give me an ending where the system will finally do something to stop bullying. I felt sad at the end of the film and not hopeful. Is there truly no end to bullying in sight?