2012 Week 47: Thanks for the giving.

Ceramic Christmas tree made by my Grandma. My parents bought a Christmas tree and set it up so we could see it since we’ll be in the Cleve for Christmas this year. It is my job to put the pegs in the ceramic Christmas tree every year. 🙂

Otherwise: Z and I had a great time with my folks in VA. Only got to see one friend while we were in town. Seeing others was not in the stars. Saw Jekyll & Hyde @ Kennedy Center, which was very mediocre. Took my parents out for dinner at Birch & Barley. Went to Crisp & Juicy. Went to DRP in Del Ray. Went to Galaxy Hut for one drink. Saw four films in the theatre. Ate at Aditi Indian buffet. These things happened. Sleep happens now.

Dear woman with the red suitcase:

Because you stood in a way we could not get past you on the down escalator, we missed the orange line, which in turn made us miss the last Damen bus of the night. You made what would have been a 45 minute commute into a 1.5 hour one. I hope you get food poisoning for a week and that your butt hurts the whole time. You are a jerk.

Films watched 47th week of the year:

Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2
Silver Linings Playbook
Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2


That was a fun short documentary that I finished in the nick of time.