Weekly Roundup: 5 Chicagbloggers


This MAN CAVE sign made me think of my friend Mark (pictured on the left, after a screening of The Room at the Music Box) and that inspired me to write about five Chicago friends I know and love who blog right here from Chicago. Their blogs are smart, funny, and fun to read!

Ali & Dolan: Daily Dolan Geiman
Desiree: Manoy y Metal
Donovan: The Intangible Blog
Mark: Man Up Chicago
Paige: Paige Worthy

Square Credit Card Reader 3D Printed Hinged Case Keychain by C Westbrook Designs


Selling at craft fairs with a Square is awesome, but I was always misplacing the darned thing. Christina Westbrook (C Westbrook Designs) of San Francisco made my life a lot easier. I bought one of these as a necklace last year in pink and it’s much easier to find now when I need it. The keychain design is new and equally handy. I meant to sing the praises of this product earlier, but I had dropped the blog ball. Hats off to you!

Hip to hold Square:
C Westbrook Designs

2012 Week 3: Let’s eat some greenery

This was my dinner tonight. I love salads, but I do not eat enough of them and that is going to change. I actually don’t usually even put salad dressing on salads, but I did because we just bought some dressing today. Since we started working out on the Wii Fit, I’ve realized that I need to track my food in some way that I am held accountable for it. My pal LCB told me about an app I had not heard about called Lose It!, so I downloaded it tonight. More things to keep track of = go!

Today Zachary and I took Tilda to meet Woodrow and Storm, furry canine children of Ed and Heidi. Tilda is not awesome (read: barkolympics) with other dogs and we were trying to fix that. It did not turn out as well as we were hoping, but it could have turned out worse. We’re going to keep at it though. Heidi is a new awesome friend and has an amazing blog that you should add to your blogroll: Hands Occupied.

Films watched 3rd week of the year:

Mr. Death*
Fright Night (2011)
The Naked Kiss


I enjoyed every one of these movies, but I think the winner this week was Cronos. Though it was essentially yet another a vampire story, it was absolutely one of a kind. It is shocking to know that Guillermo del Toro was a fledgling film director when he made this. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to do that.

Weekly resolution:
Buy more blank onesies to print on and re-print bean baby onesies.
Come up with a new craft idea and create it.
Finish reading book #2 this year.