♥ SHOPS of Chicago Pals ♥
Circa Ceramics
Jo Snow
Kiku Handmade
Letter Writers Alliance
Miss Alison
Real. Soaps
Soap Distillery
Yarnies by Mikey

♥ SHOPS of Pals Elsewhere ♥
Art School Dropout (MD)
diPalermo Body (NY)
Florence Oliver (MN)
Girl with a Hook (OR)
Megan Lee Designs (OH)
Minor Thread (CA)
Miss Chief (PA)
Susie Ghahremani (boygirlparty) (CA)

♥ Chicago Pals ♥
Cinchel [Musician]
Eliza Bangert [Flutist]
Erica Barraca [Photographer/Blogger]
Erin Watson [Writer of lovely words]
Gavin’s Game Service [Pinball/Coin-Op Machine Repair]
Hands Occupied [Craft Blog]
Jerroid Marks [Photographer]
Kirstie Shanley [Photographer/Music Writer]
Miss Spoken [Live Lit by Females]
You Joke Like A Girl [All Women-Identifying Standup]

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