Photo credit: Alison Simonian

I’m Leigh Kelsey. Back in August 2005, when explaining to an internet friend how to pronounce my first name, I said “it rhymes with twee”. At that time, I was searching for a name for my budding business and as soon as I had typed those words, Rhymes with Twee found its name!

I use my trusty Riso Print Gocco to screen print my original designs onto home and paper goods including greeting cards and tea towels. The ranks of my Veggie Vampire and Fanged Fruit tea towel lines grow yearly.

I also print a line of tea towels called Chari-Twee, where half the sales price for each towel goes to charity. So far, I have donated over $1,000 to charities. Track the progress here.

My paper goods line includes punny greeting cards, and postcards and labels featuring my photographic pet hedgehogs.

On Instagram, I post a daily make that started with 100 Days of Making and has kept going and going. Follow my journey there!

At Rhymes with Twee, absurdity is embraced. My playful products are beloved by fellow weirdos of all ages.

I am fond of these words that rhyme with twee:
cacophony, catastrophe, glee, jubilee, merrily, revelry, squee, tea, wee.

Interested in saying hello, sending a tasty vegan recipe, telling me your favorite word that rhymes with twee, or something else?