2014 Week 3: Just what I was Dredding

La De Blog - Z & Bean Pie
Z & Imani’s Bean Pie – it was awesome!

Started feeling sick on Tuesday night while out with Stacy @ Takito. Took a half day off Wednesday and the whole day off Thursday and went to my doctor’s office where my doc’s nurse practitioner said I had a viral infection. Friday we woke up and our heat was out and since I didn’t want to use any more PTO, this forced me to go to work and stay away from everyone so I didn’t spread my infection. Magic Parlour @ Palmer House. Baby polar vortex started. Mac & Cheese Cookoff, where there were only 3 vegetarian entries, so I went to lunch @ Antique Taco with Jason. Afterwards, I quickly went to Empty Bottle Farmer’s Market and I returned to a house that was thankfully warm once again! Z convinced me to briefly leave the house to go to to Quesadilla and then we came home and I reprinted the b-side card.

Films watched 3rd week of the year:

Silver Linings Playbook
Stuck in Love

I had seen SLP once before and thought the same thing, man, Hollywood thinks people with mental illness are wacky – this is such a ridiculous portrayal, but sure, the film is fun to watch. Trance was quite good and vexing. Stuck in Love was the recommended by Netflix movie that popped up when I logged into my queue and it was just perfect to have on while I was balancing my checkbook and tidying up. Dredd, wow, it was pretty damn bloody and just so-so.

In TV this week, I finally am caught up with True Blood and Glee and Z and I finished Dexter. I was actually mostly OK with the ending except for the fact [ SPOILER ALERT IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND SOMEHOW HAD NOT YET FINISHED WATCHING DEXTER ] that he threw Deb’s body into the sea where he threw TERRIBLE CRIMINALS. He took her body away from all of the other people who cared about her and threw it in with the criminals. Also, a lumberjack?! How unoriginal. Where do you go to disappear? With the WOOD! Derp. So, now on to Treme!

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