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Songs: Molina featuring Lawrence Peters

This week: Polar vortex closed my work’s office for two days. Made my very first from-scratch pie – pecan. Watched a whole bunch of True Blood. Had lunch with Jess L. Decided to finally buy a Kindle – went with the most basic model. Celebrated Emily’s bday with brunch at M. Henrietta. Celebrated Eliza’s bday @ her party. Songs: Molina tribute @ Hideout.

In all the years Jason Molina was alive and playing shows, I only know I saw Songs: Ohia once in October 2012 with Damien Jurado. ‘The Lioness’ is one of my favorite songs of all time, even if I wouldn’t call him one of my favorite bands or singers. I had missed the first tribute and I asked friends who had seen it if they were going to play ‘The Lioness’ and they all said no, but they ended up playing it and it was crushing. Seeing his former bandmates and friends pay tribute to Molina by playing his songs was extremely moving. Not all the singers were great, but emotions ran high in the room anyhow.

It has been nice not having such stringent resolutions to follow. I am reading so much and it is a great feeling. As I thought, I am not watching as many movies as a result, but it’s okay. Am really enjoying spending quality time at home with my boo, my dog, and my ‘hog these days.

Films watched 2nd week of the year:

Weekend (2011)
Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies *

* documentary

Weekend was a great film with lots of uncertainty and sweetness and the soundtrack was good.

Man, Mary Pickford was COOL. This documentary was truly eye-opening. What an admirable lady. After finishing the film, I read the Wikipedia entry on her and the film does not delve into her alcoholism, but she was truly a trailblazer.

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