2014 Week 1: Resolute shuns

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Closet doors do not need to close

I used the first week of the year for a lot of unwindulaxing and practicing hygge. We rearranged our bedroom, went through clothing for Brown Elephant trying to unclutter our life like in this article – you have to be unapologetic about it. Gifts that were given years ago and never used, things we meant to sell on Craigslist but never did, VHS tapes, Sega Genesis, a pile of Dwell magazines I always meant to read = Brown Elephant. Now these things will have the potential to make some money for the Howard Brown Health Center! Dog collar, old leash, toys Tilda didn’t like = PAWS. I signed up for Unroll.Me and I am already a HUGE fan of the time saved by just that! I am trying to make my life less cluttered physically and digitally and even just in the first week, I have felt much more happy at home.

2013 Resolutions:

  • Update the La De Blog once a week.
  • Watch one documentary and one foreign film a week.
  • Make something great once a week. [inspired by my friend Erica’s lovely make great blog.]
  • Go to at least one new to me restaurant a month.
  • Read at least one book a month.
  • Continue getting fit.
  • Continue buying “Made in the USA” as often as possible.
  • Every Wednesday will be Vegan Vednesday!

I did good with my 2013 resolutions, but when I make too many, or restrict myself too much, I cannot keep up with all of them. The ones with lines through them were ones I was not able to commit fully to. This year, I will still likely watch a documentary a week, but this year I want to concentrate more on reading. Cinema and television shows have taken over much of my free time the last couple years.

Having Vegan Vednesday strictly on Wednesdays was easy except for a handful of times:

  • when my office would order lunch and nothing vegan for me and then I was angsty and hungry
  • when Kirstie & Jason brought home fresh buttery croissants and cheese from Paris and had a party on a Wednesday
  • when Christmas fell on Wednesday

Having some flex to my resolutions will help me keep them. Here’s to another god-damn new year!

2014 Resolutions:

  • Update the La De Blog once a week
  • Read 30 minutes a day
  • Continue getting fit
  • Continue buying “Made in the USA” as often as possible
  • Floating weekly vegan day
  • Photo a day on Instagram

Films watched 1st week of the year:

Follow my Voice *
The Great Gatsby (2013)
Casa de mi Padre

* documentary

Follow my Voice is a documentary about the making of the Hedwig & the Angry Inch tribute album (and the kids at the Harvey Milk school it benefited). Hearing this brought back so many great memories of driving with Karyn & Terence singing the soundtrack to one of my absolute favorite films. I hope to see it in the theatre one of these days. Wish I’d gone with Karyn back in the day. The Great Gatsby does not deserve any words other than me to say it is not worth your time.

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