2014 Week 4: Life is Rose-y

La De Blog - Rose and the Rime

After Ginny made her bday plans for Magic Parlour, Z and I made an unofficial plan to see more theatre/theatrical things and I read about The Rose and the Rime on one our our favorite local theatre production websites, The House Theatre. It sounded great and we were able to score a great deal on preview tickets through Goldstar, so we went. It was one of the best plays I have ever seen; sweet, funny, moving, and unique with bunny puppets, acrobatics, and aerial acts. Absolutely the perfect play to see in Chicago this polar vortexy winter and you can even take children to it, but there are a few scary scenes. It is playing through March 9th and I totally want to see it again. House Theatre does amazing things at Chopin theatre and this show shines.

This week: Said farewell to my former supervisor Arline at work at Ten Pin/Rossi’s Liquors, Attended the Craft Racket – Winter 2014 @ Blue Buddha Boutique, Dragonlady with Z, Nick O. & Greg, House Theatre presents: Rose and the Rime @ Chopin Theatre, Lunch with Erica B. @ Tava, dropped stock off at Local Goods/picked up holiday stock, Bite with Jen L & Z.

Seeing Erica Make Great & family was SO awesome. I’m trying to see more of my old faves this year. I wish there were more days in a week!

Films watched 4th week of the year:

Magic Mike
Prince Avalanche
Studs Terkel: Listening to America
Artois the Goat

Good film week, but thought Magic Mike would be funnier, Prince Avalanche more likeable; and Artois have MORE GOAT in it. Studs Terkel was perfect; that dude was amazing. Artois the Goat was really fun though and Z and I agreed that it seemed wacky like an indie Australian film. Z made his monthly veg. dinner for me that I found on Pinterest: Baked Polenta with Spinach & Goats Cheese. This was one of the most simple recipes either of us has ever made, but the payoff was ridiculous. SO good & so easy and it paired well with our goat movie. Re: David Gordon Green, I think the dude has smoked too much weed; this was so mediocre. I miss GW & ATRG DGG. sigh.

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