2013 Week 17: Sleepee time for this boo

La De Blog - Earth Day Potluck

Pictured above was my work’s Earth Day vegetarian potluck. It was a great assortment of tasty food! I took WPAC classes four days in a row [3 spin, 1 ballet burn] and then from Thursday through Sunday, I didn’t work out since I wasn’t at home, but my body missed it so much. Can’t wait for spin tomorrow night with a new to me as of last week instructor, Val, whose teaching style is so different from all of the other instructors I’ve taken! He comes from a dance background and has the class really concentrating on their form. I love the diversity of workouts I get from my different spin instructors! I’m cheating at my tweekly make, but this week MADE a good start at spring cleaning, with more things planned in the coming weeks. I will catch up making new things in the upcoming weeks.

Friday afternoon, I drove down to Cincinnati with Cinnamon (Poise.cc) and Saturday, we sold at Crafty Supermarket. It was a great first experience in Cincy! It reminded me so much of Pittsburgh. The architecture, the rolling hills, and just the general feeling of the city. The shoppers were just as friendly as PGH people. Plus, I had high quality booth neighbors too! Abby Abbydid and the stuffies she makes are flipping awesome! I was directly across the aisle from my lovely friend Jessica of Miss Chief Shop. A coworker visited with her husband and it was so great seeing her since she is based in KY. I had some of the best coffee from La Terza at Crafty Supermarket. I love Chicago’s Big Shoulders and Dark Matter, but these guys are truly solid roasters.

After the show wrapped up, Cinnamon and I met up with a bunch of crafty ladies to eat at Dushmesh, where I had the best saag paneer of my life. Whoa gosh. Sunday, Cinnamon and I were waiting for the waffle batter dispenser to get refilled at our hotel’s complimentary breakfast when we made the executive decision to go to Take the Cake for breakfast where I had a delicious Moroccan eggplant benedict. We headed a few doors down to Fabricate, thinking we’d have to kill some time elsewhere before they opened, when we saw our dinner buddies from the night before in there and we got a quick peek around before they opened. Picked up a few perfect gifts there for friends and then we did a bit of thrifting before we hit the road.

Films watched 17th week of the year:

Noi the Albino ** [ Iceland ]
Waiting for Superman *
The Christine Jorgensen Story

* documentary
** foreign language

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