2013 Week 18: “Cause no one, no one, no one, no one, no one knows what happens next.”

La De Blog - Neglected Renderings

NRWW-027 by Rich Salamander. Available on Rich’s Etsy Shop. I met Rich way back when I worked with him at MPShows/South Union Arts. His wire artwork was very impressive to me and reminds me of one line drawings. This show was meant to be of regulars at Rainbo and there are even pieces of photobooths, all done in wire. Hung up at Rainbo, these pieces had movement seemingly from the uplighting beneath them. Very enjoyable. Not sure how long the show is up, but make sure to stop by Rainbo to see it.

A very productive week. Took Kirstie out for a bday dinner. Spin/Dinner & drinks @ Takio with Paige Worthy. Z went to Cleveland. Friends & Fun @ Emporium. Dinner with Shanley’s @ Native Foods. Opening of my friend Rich’s art show @ Rainbo. Kiku/Megan Lee Designs Open Studio. Kimmi hang. Chicago Flea. Eliza’s Bridal Shower in Orland Park. Picked Z up from Midway. Listened to the John Vanderslice rarities disc given as a Kickstarter reward many times. <3 JV. Zachary brought back a lovely stack of early birthday presents for me from his family. Good things happening this week. Tweekly make: Making my space prettier. Organization continues and I've put a few things up for sale on Craigslist. I've been trying to tick through a very long list of to-dos. I knocked out a good number of them this weekend, but some have been hanging out on the list far too long though. Progress is hard. Films watched 18th week of the year:

Unmistaken Child *
LOL (2012)
Sleep Dealer ** [ Mexico ]

* documentary
** foreign language

Sleep Dealer is really great Mexican film with big ideas done on a relatively small budget.

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