2014 Week 33: (un)doubting thomas street

Rhymes with Twee - hedgehog postcard - Alasdair & Magoo sail the twee
Rhymes with Twee – Hedgehog postcard – Alasdair & Magoo sail the twee

I am a proud momma of the newest Rhymes with Twee hedgehog postcard ‘Alasdair & Magoo sail the twee,’ which required a wee bit of Photoshop magic on my part since I had to blend two photographs together since the boys were so squirmy. I am so grateful to have a sweet memento of the boys before they went to their new homes. It might be the most twee hedgehog postcard I’ve done thus far. Buy them. Tell your friends to buy them. Pin the heck out of it. All that jazz on the internet. They’re on the Etsy shop.

La De Blog - Week Wrap 2014-08-19

This week: Quesadilla with the boo. Lunch with Gretchen @ Epic Burger. Lunch with Christy @ Big Delicious Planet. UVNA Meeting @ Whisk. Dinner with Stacy @ Tamale Spaceship. Fantastic cocktails with Stacy at Bar Takito’s friends & family night – the space is so gorgeous! Cinchel @ Transistor. Dinner @ Melrose Diner. Katniss recheck at vet/brought Art3mis in because her face was pink – ended up that she had ear mites, so we had to treat all the hedgies with Revolution. Thomas Street Block Party. Sold at Pilsen Flea Market with buddy Abbey Christine!

The 2100 Thomas Block Party was really fun. With everything going on, Z and I thought we’d just drop by, but we stayed for a few hours talking to neighbors, hanging out with adorable dogs, and watching a Neil Young cover band. I’ve talked about my love of my neighborhood Ukrainian Village before, but there are many interesting, kind, and inspirational people living on my street. I met a neighbor whose backyard has chickens, a beehive, and a beautiful garden – something to aspire to!

With all the hard work I’ve been putting into Rhymes with Twee lately, it is a bummer to get a craft fair rejection. I didn’t get into the Chicago Art Girls pop-up December 13th & 14th, but if I don’t end up finding another show that weekend, I’ll go as a shopper. It is a really great group of artists and crafters. So many awesome ladies I can’t help but be a tad bummed not to be one of them. C’est la vie.

Films watched 33rd week of the year:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Safety Not Guaranteed
Inside Llewyn Davis
Country Strong

Pretty good week for movies. I liked them all, but Safety Not Guaranteed was probably the one I enjoyed most – it’s rare when a movie ending surprise me, but it did. I love Aubrey Plaza – she is just dang cool. The production value of this Hobbit was really crap though; not sure why it looked so terrible.

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