2014 Week 32: Where my PEAPS at?

La De Blog - BMX Tricks Demo by Bikes 'N Roses @ PEAP Block Party
BMX Tricks Demo by Bikes 'N Roses @ PEAP Block Party

This week: Doctor’s Appointment. Doctor/dentist 1/2 punch. Dinner with Donovan @ Handlebar. Applied for Chicago Art Girls winter pop-up. Alasdair & Magoo photoshoot. PEAP block party – our friend Adam Sebastian is one of the organizers and he invited us to check it out. Dropped Magoo & Alasdair off with Christina (Hedgehog Welfare Society) for their rehoming – we love those little boys, but we are happy they are going to good homes. Sunday was spent on a whole bunch of chores, meeting the Shanleys new kittens(!), and finishing packing up Rani’s stuff with Emily.

La De Blog - A Fond Farewell Alasdair & Magoo
A Fond Farewell to Alasdair & Magoo

Films watched 32nd week of the year:

Soylent Green
Ernest & Celestine

I hadn’t watched Soylent Green since high school, but it was way better than I remember it being and very scary when watched in this day and age. Ernest & Celestine was a wonderful twee cartoon. Much of it is set in a candy shop, even!

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