2014 Week 24: “this is music for girls.”

La De Blog - Rise & Run delivery

My friend Carmen is running the Chicago Marathon on behalf of Back on my Feet and her and her friend Brittany have started Rise and Run. For a $20 donation, after their Saturday morning training, they deliver home baked goods to your doorstep selected Saturdays from now through 10/4. I got my first delivery and it is so awesome. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Baked goodies for good!

A few weeks back, I talked about a friend having a hard time. That friend is my longtime friend and former roommate Rani and I put together a Give Forward campaign to help her re-set her life after her suicide attempt this winter. A lot of things lead to that attempt, but she has made and is continuing to make great forward strides. I’m trying to do anything I can think of to help and I would be grateful to anyone who would share the campaign link or give $5, $10, $20; anything will make a difference in her life.

This week: First meeting of the UVNA with our board. Tried out Tatoco with Z & Stacy. Carmen dropped off baked goods for Rise & Roll. Unwindulaxed with a lot of How I Met Your Mother. Dinner at Native Foods with Z, Kirstie & Jason. Cocktails @ Takito with Alison & Emily. Bite/Logan Square Farmer’s Market with Jen S. Jason Anderson showed up and we watched The Room with Stevie G. Review Revue @ Bar Deville.

whatever happened to Baxendale?
keep your bittersweet symphonies.
i’ll break your legs if you stop me dancing.

Films watched 24th week of the year:

Damsels in Distress
The Room

I am shocked I only watched two movies this week. Damsels in Distress was truly bizarre. There were some very funny moments in it, but it didn’t feel cohesive as a film, like something was missing. Greta Gerwig reminded me of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, working towards causes she believed in that truly miss the point. Similarly, this film didn’t know what point it was trying to make.

I don’t think I ever want to show anyone The Room at home ever again. I knew that crowd participation is a large part of why it’s so incredibly funny & enjoyable, but Jason wanted to watch it and we indulged him. Pretty sure he thought Steven and I were big dorks talking to the screen, but he already knew we were dorks. Oh well, lesson learned. Don’t throw spoons at your home tv!

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